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Entrepreneurship in the Occitanie cultural sector

From 14 12/21
From 14 December 2021
to 15 December 2021
Information updated on 30/11/21

The fifth edition of the “Entrepreneurship in the Occitanie cultural sector” forum will be held December 14-15 in Montpellier. Two days of workshops and round tables with experts to talk about cultural entrepreneurship.

Visuel FEC Occitanie
Upon the initiative of the Occitanie Regional Department of Cultural Affairs and the Regional Council, Context’Art is organizing the 5th edition of the “Entrepreneurship in the Occitanie cultural sector”, a variation of the national version of the forum.

This event was created in 2015 by the French Ministry of Culture and adapted to each region in France, addressing project leaders, professionals, and general public interested in the cultural sector and its economy. The “Entrepreneurship in Culture” forum promotes innovations regarding cultural entrepreneurship and provides concrete information for professionals and all people desiring to pursue business opportunities in the sector.

After the 2020 edition of the event was cancelled, the “Entrepreneurship in Culture” forum in Occitanie 2021 will be held as a live event in Montpellier, at the new Region building – City of the Economy and Professions of Tomorrow.

People will be able to attend workshops and round tables on various topics: gender equality, patronage, third spaces, assistance for creating business activities, and more.

Check out the event program and register now! For more information, you can visit the dedicated forum page on the Context'Art website.
This event is offered by the French Ministry of Culture, Drac Occitanie; organized by Context’Art; and supported by Occitanie Region and Montpellier Métropole Méditerranée.

The event will be subject to applicable health restrictions.
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