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Matooma benefits from French Tech Pass exposure

Information updated on 20/06/18
Matooma, a Montpellier startup specialized in managing connected objects using SIM cards, benefits from the effects of the French Tech Pass, which it obtained in 2015.
Frédéric Salles, Matooma president, says: “Obtaining the French Tech Pass was an undeniable boost in terms of exposure and networking. It gave us better recognition with the French Ministry of the Economy, as only 48 companies have received this certification. We participated in trips abroad organized by the Ministry, met with chiefs of staff, and benefited from privileged contact with BPI directors.”
The company, founded in June 2012 by Frédéric and Nadège Salles and John Aldon, has experienced tremendous growth. Now with 30 employees, an agency in Paris, subsidiaries in New York and Madrid, Matooma reached €3.5 million euros in sales revenue.
Relocation and hiring
In May 2016, the company is moving its main office from its current location at Cap Omega in Montpellier, to the Liner building in nearby Pérols, where it will enjoy over 500 sq. m of office space. “Montpellier was an obvious choice for me when I left Paris and SFR to create Matooma. Above all, I was motivated because I had studied at the Montpellier University Technology Institute (IUT) and EPSE engineering school, and I loved the city. Then I came to speak at the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Cap Omega Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) to explain the link between major groups and startups, and I discovered an environment that is highly favorable in terms of assistance for company founders. I told myself that, one day, I would be at Cap Omega. And that’s what happened.”
Since it was founded, Matooma has benefited from numerous local assistance resources, such as Crealia, Pacte, Réseau Entreprendre, Concours Coup de Pousse, and ASTRE. Now tight for space after three years at Cap Omega, Matooma is freeing up the space for future startups: “This move is part of a three-year plan in which we expect to double our staff size, to reach 60 employees. In any case, our headquarters will remain in the Montpellier Métropole area.”

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