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Millésime Bio 2016

From 25 01/16
From 25 January 2016
to 27 January 2016
Information updated on 20/06/18
Millésime Bio: A trade show concept that is unique in the world, with high quality, international attendance continually on the rise!
Overview of Millésime Bio:
- Professional trade show dedicated exclusively to organic wines that comply with current European regulations. Only those wines with AB (“Agriculture Biologique”) certification are accepted on the trade show premises. - Created and organized since 1993 by Sudvinbio, the regional inter-professional organization for organic wine in the Languedoc-Roussillon area - Turn-key booths, all identical Only the wine makes a difference! - Exclusively professional attendees - Affordable and effective trade show - Open wine tasting areas (wine shop and Millésime Bio Challenge award winners) - Conferences on the organic wine market - Cybercafé and meeting spaces - Exhibitor catalog available online - Friendly, high-quality food services with organic products
All exhibitors have access to exactly the same equipment to present their wines: a table, two chairs, a white tablecloth, a bucket, tasting glasses, ice, and a presentation showcase. The purpose is to evaluate and compare wines, not to judge wine exhibition techniques! All wine-makers are on equal footing to present their products at Millésime Bio.
Booths are not grouped by region or appellation, but rather they are assigned randomly. This is a deliberate desire of Millésime Bio’s organizers to favor encounters and curiosity. It might seem odd at first glance, but signs and show staff are there to help guide you with your tasting path.
Most exhibitors are able to present their latest vintages.
Millésime Bio