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NETIA reinvents itself in Montpellier

Information updated on 20/06/18

Internationally recognized as one of the leading providers of software solutions for radio broadcasting, NETIA plans to take advantage of the Montpellier ecosystem to consolidate its activity and pursue its success in the media sector. As of September 4, 2017, NETIA is pleased to welcome clients at its new offices in the Millénaire Business Center (“Hôtel d’entreprise du Millénaire”). In the longer-term, the company wishes to be part of the Culture and Creative Industry (CCI) cluster in Montpellier’s Creative City project, now taking shape at the city’s former EAI infantry school site.

Better serving customers and working together to build the future of radio
NETIA was acquired in January 2017 by Radio Act, with Vincent Benveniste as CEO and his partner Anthony Savelli as General Manager. Together, the two entrepreneurs brought fresh momentum to NETIA, notably by bringing the company back into the center of the Montpellier Métropole digital ecosystem.
With this approach, NETIA physically realigns its presence with its “feeding ground.” Moving the company’s headquarters to the heart of the metropolis area will help optimize customer reception, while enabling NETIA to work closer with other French Tech stakeholders and hire new staff more easily. It didn't take long to start seeing results! “We have already hired three new employees with open-ended contracts. We are now located in the heart of Montpellier’s business district, where we benefit from top-quality communication and transportation infrastructure in direct synergy with the Digital Metropolis effort, and in contact with the highest concentration of brainpower in France, rich with 7,500 researchers, 70,000 students, and 1,360 digital hi-tech companies.”
The strategy to refound NETIA also implies a high level of requirements and excellence to match today’s issues, notably relating to eco-responsibility, cybersecurity, ergonomics, and software solution maintenance.
To move forward, the company began working on securing infrastructure and content with its French customers in the public service sector: “Committed to a Green IT approach, we started by establishing a foundation to increase reliability and simplify our software development processes. This will enable us to release a new version of our software soon, offering greater reliability over time. It will also be easier to manage, include better documentation, and therefore be more efficient for our users.”
NETIA receives an R&D subsidy from France’s Unique Interministerial Fund, in collaboration with other companies involved in the radio sector focusing on the concept of a virtual studio. An international patent may be filed as a result of this work.
Lastly, to place the company’s radio broadcasting clients even closer to the heart of its operating practices, the new shareholders went around the world to meet with people at major industry conferences in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the United States. Upcoming conferences include Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris.
NETIA intends to use Montpellier as its base to work with international clients to pave the way for creativity and innovation to build the future of radio.
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