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Invest In Montpellier, Newsletter #53 - June 2019 - online version
Invest in Montpellier June 2019

Newsletter#53 - June 2019

Invest In Montpellier

Eurovia is building a future for young people who are disconnected from employment

With 400 employees at its agencies in the Hérault department, Eurovia promotes local recruitment and sets an example for integrating young people disconnected from employment. Its agency in Baillargues is a perfect example.

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Frederic WILMS, chef d’agence EUROVIA ©Edouard Hannoteaux
Nicolas Jerez, président de Bulane ©DR
Meeting our success stories / Interview with Nicolas Jerez, CEO of Bulane

“You succeed together, not alone”

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For the taste of beef

Rémy Dubernet founded five years ago. Located at the Montpellier Market of National Interest, he promotes beef raised in France’s Aubrac, Lozère, and Aveyron departments to individuals, restaurants, and school cafeterias.

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Remy Dubernet, fondateur de  ©DR
Jordan Miron dirige Resilient Innovation. Il tient le boîtier Walk, qu’il a inventé, dans sa main © David Crespin
“Walk”, the clever device that helps people walk

Montpellier startup Resilient Innovation designed Walk, a wearable electronic device that helps elderly people and patients with Parkinson’s disease recover their autonomy through better walking.

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Montpellier Capital Risque, the funding event for young startups

At least 17 startup directors made their pitches on May 24 at Montpellier Capital Risque, held at the Cap Omega incubator. The event provided an opportunity for local startups to contact nearly 60 investors.

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7 minutes chrono : c’est le temps dévolu à chaque créateur des jeunes entreprises innovantes sélectionnées (ici le fondateur de La Cuisine de Véro) pour capter l’attention des investisseurs ©David Richard
Thierry JEANJEAN-BEC Batiment©Edouard Hannoteaux
Bec, a persistent player for vocational inclusion

For the past 25 years, Bec Construction has been opening the employment world to people with difficulties finding jobs. The company leverages two local organizations specialized in assisting personnel in inclusion programs.

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The Foundation for Medical Research highlights Montpellier excellence

On May 13, fourteen Montpellier laureates of the Foundation for Medical Research were honored at an evening event organized in partnership with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. About 300 people attended the event at the Montpellier Comédie opera house.

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Les lauréats montpelliérains de la Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale © Laura Soulages
Jérémy Dutheil et Pierre Dutheil - Néomerys@DR
Néomerys, a cure for global warming

The Montpellier startup Néomerys is seeking funding for an ambitious and practical program intended to reverse the greenhouse gas effect. The cornerstone of the project is to produce a sustainable and affordable biofuel.

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Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole accueille la plus grande comm
From 30 August To 07 October 2019
Agroecological Transition and Sustainable Food Month
The 4th edition of the Agroecological Transition and Sustainable Food Month event takes place August 30 to October 7, organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole and its partners.
La transition énergétique par la croissance verte est un défi planétaire
From 07 October To 09 October 2019
Montpellier welcomes the 169 signatory mayors of the Milan Pact
Following the Territorial Assembly for Agroecological Transition held in February 2019, 179 mayors from signatory cities of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact will meet in Montpellier on October 7-9.