Crafts and commerce

Montpellier residents are strongly attached to the vitality and diversity of this sector, a true expression of local know-how and an undeniable asset for the area’s economy.

A key economic resource

Crafts and commerce play a key role in our territory’s economy, as they are both factors for growth and job diversity.
From revitalizing the city center to implementing ambitious plans to modernize commercial zones, Montpellier fosters a high-quality environment conducive to the development of a prosperous local economy. Montpellier is also committed to adapting its business and event offering to the evolving lifestyles in Montpellier Métropole’s 31 cities.
Recently certified with the “Ville et Métiers d’Art” label (City and Applied Arts), the territory has implemented proactive programs for the past several years to promote craftsmanship locally.
Sylvie Bellanger. Chef de projet

Economic Development and Employment Department

Sylvie Bellanger

Mission Manager, Crafts and commerce sectors


Personalized assistance

Artisans, come set up your activity in Montpellier!
Are you an artisan thinking about setting up or expanding your company in the Montpellier area? Montpellier is ready to help you with its real estate opportunities in local business parks and property availabilities, such as workshops and offices, adapted to your needs.
Requalification des devantures commerciales : une aide sur mesure
Custom assistance for store-front renovation
Strengthening the commercial vitality of Montpellier’s city center is one of the key parts of the Grand Cœur mission, in addition to actions to support housing renovation, redesign public spaces, and enhance historical assets.

Montpellier has big plans for its traditional markets

The future of the Halles Laissac market is looking bright!

People will be able to discover the new Halles market, with its Baltard-inspired design, in the fall season of 2018. Construction work is scheduled to take place from November 2017 to November 2018.
Located in downtown Montpellier, the Halles Laissac market is an attractive feature for the city. The renovation project respects the main principles defined with public consultation. The plan is to keep 24 stalls, including a bar, in a round-shaped market at the same location as the former market. The building features a transparent and ventilated design with a facade height reaching 6 to 12 meters for the highest part of the skylight. A friendly central space will also be included.

Downtown in lights: a modern delight for monuments in the historical center

A great opportunity to boost commerce

Organized by the City of Montpellier, this free and open event is co-produced by the City and Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with 80% funded by private companies in the greater Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area through patronage and sponsorship. This exceptional downtown light-show is also a way to generate activity for local businesses.

Artistic professions have their own showcase in Montpellier

La Nef, the former Visitation chapel acquired from the city by the Ateliers d’Art de France association, features an exhibition gallery, boutique, and meeting area all at a single location. This site is a forerunner of Montpellier’s plans to highlight artistic professions in order to promote local creation and expertise.
As a means to encourage young artisans to set up locally, the City of Montpellier - as part of its Grand Coeur program - identified space in the city center for people involved with artistic professions. In total, 22 workshop-boutiques are dedicated to this operation. The Ob’Art fair also supports this effort, drawing over 10,000 visitors every year.

Boulevard Jeu de Paume, an artery symbolizing business revival

This pedestrian boulevard running through the heart of town, connected to major shopping streets Saint Guilhem and Grand rue Jean Moulin, is a 5-minute walk from the Saint Roch train station, 3 tramway stations, and 3,100 parking spaces.
With about thirty new businesses established over the past 4 years, and a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for local business, Boulevard Jeu de Paume offers space from 150 to 600 m² for commercial surfaces.