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For the past more than 30 years, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has focused on innovative entrepreneurship by welcoming pioneers in digital and innovation sectors.

Discover and join local digital networks

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has all the cards to play a key role in the digital economy, including the technical quality and diversity of higher education and research organizations; dynamic companies, including majors such as IBM, Dell, Computacenter, Schlumberger, Idate, along with small and mid-market companies; plus accessibility, digital infrastructure; and pleasant lifestyle.

Stakeholder commitment in this sector, from entrepreneurs and large company directors to university presidents and public-sector decision-makers, has made the Montpellier Métropole area one of France’s foremost digital centers. Montpellier hi-tech companies are now known throughout France and internationally in a number of sectors, including the Internet of Things, security, Cultural and Creative (CCIs), health, agriculture, and much more.

This momentum helped us earn the internationally recognized French Tech label.
Valérie Chaillou, Chargée de mission filières technologies de l'information.

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Valérie Chaillou

Mission Manager, Information Technologies Sector


Key players

Business associations enable you to meet other players in your sector and help make it easier to set up partnerships:

  • Digital 113, professional association of companies in the digital economy in the greater Occitanie region. Find out more
  • Push Start cluster, association of professionals (and future professionals) involved with video games. Find out more
  • HPC@LR center, organization for SMEs and researchers; provides support for high performance computing. Find out more
  • Optitec competitiveness cluster, association of companies and researchers in the photonic optics sector, along with companies using those technologies. Optitec also helps companies get their projects organized to make it easier to obtain funding, such as from France’s Single Interministerial Fund and National Research Agency. Find out more
  • Aerospace Valley, the Aerospace Valley cluster focuses on creating jobs related to aeronautics, space, and embedded systems within its territory. The cluster’s efforts are also multiplied by developing the surrounding ecosystem to include industry players, SMEs, and major groups, as well as research and training stakeholders and all the professionals striving to promote territorial economic development. Find out more

Education for the digital sector

Montpellier has 75,000 students. Digital topics represent a large portion of the educational programs offered to students in the territory.

Polytech, University of Montpellier (Master 2 in Digital and Science for Health), Paul Valéry University (Master 1 in Digital Humanities, Master 2 in Digital Communications and Organizations)...

Higher Education Schools
Epitech, Digital Campus, EPF, Cesi Exia, EPSI...

Digital schools (“Grandes Ecoles” certification) and related programs
Up To, Passerelles Scop (#LaboMaker), Nouas (“ÉCO” for emerging skills), Diginamic, Alkas Formation, Simplon, Yncréa...

Digital workshops at the French Tech building
Since its arrival at the French Tech building in the spring of 2019, Google has provided free advice and training for everyone, from families and students to companies, job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and more... To participate in these workshops, 
we recommend that you register on their website (FR).