Focus on Cultural and Creative Industries!

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is a stronghold for Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), a veritable source of employment and growth.

An innovation-friendly field focusing on the future!

CCIs are a major lever for economic development throughout France (representing about 1.2 million jobs in 2013, according to an Ernst & Young 2016 study). Montpellier has contributed actively to developing this sector for many years.

This momentum in local creativity is particularly visible in film, television, video games, 3D animation, special effects, and design.

CCI companies bring jobs to the Montpellier area, notably with major players such as Ubisoft and France Télévisions, which recently created one of its largest studios in Vendargues (just east of Montpellier) to film its popular daily series “Un si grand soleil”. Many other structures specialized in the audiovisual sector, cinema, animation, and video games are also present in Montpellier.
Valérie Chaillou, Chargée de mission filières technologies de l'information.

Let’s talk about your project

Valérie Chaillou

Mission Manager, Information Technologies Sector

+33 (0)4 67 13 64 63

Over 2,000


in the territory (IDATE 2018)

shooting days

of all genres in 2018

digital creation studios

specialized in film, video games, advertising, and more

Shared goals

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has three main goals with its project dedicated to CCIs:

Stimulate development
Stimulate development
and company growth in the CCI sector.
Increase exposure nationwide and internationally for Montpellier
Increase exposure nationwide and internationally for Montpellier
by highlighting the value of CCI potential, momentum in the local economy, and the presence of recognized training programs.
Highlight territorial attractiveness
Highlight territorial attractiveness
to appeal to entrepreneurs and both national and international studios, and motivate them to set up locally.

Stakeholders united around common projects

The presence of large companies, and the vitality of the many local SMEs, VSEs, and startups, make Montpellier a stronghold for the creative industry

Leading companies  in digital creation, video games, and 3D animation:
Ubisoft (largest production force worldwide of all video game developers in terms of staff size), Netia, Digixart Entertainement, Wardenlight Studio, Wild Sheep Studio, In Efecto, Dwarf Animation Studio, Féérik Games, Isotropix...

Schools specialized in animation cinema and special effects: 
ArtFx, E.artsup, Esbama, Esma (rated by The Rookies as the 3rd best animation school in the world, in the category “Best Animation schools 2018”), IEFAR-Gam, Ipesaa, Objectif 3D, Studio M, and Université Paul Valéry.
Associations and active networks:
Illusion & Macadam, Push Start, Effets Stars, Cœur de Ville en Lumière, #PasSansDesign, etc. A major player in the Creative City space, SCIC Tropisme welcomes 200 residents involved with CCIs as well as many events at its Hall facility. 

Design, an emerging sector in Montpellier

The many faces of design

In Montpellier, design concerns every activity and can be integrated at any phase in a project. Design benefits everyone for industrial purposes or decoration, in public and private spaces. It can be applied to many aspects:

Digital design: interfaces, interaction, audio, web design, game design, UX design.
Object design: products, fashion, industry, packaging.
Design thinking: service, eco-design, sustainable, civic, management.
Space design: lighting, landscaping, scenography, events.
Graphic design: illustration, signs…

Lisa Oultaf, Chef de projet - Interlocuteur Design

Lisa Oultaf

Project manager, contact for Design

+33 (0)4 67 13 60 14

Boost your project with design

With the #PasSansDesign action program, you can participate in a variety of special events throughout the year, including meetings with designers, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and more. The goal of #PasSansDesign is to unite local SMEs and VSEs, and to favor creation and innovation in local expertise and products.

The most remarkable French creations were presented in Montpellier at the Observeur du Design exhibition in 2017.

Design, a key factor for success

designlab6 #PasSansDesign2017
When design wins over a company...
Conferences, workshops, exhibitions... increasing numbers of initiatives and events are being organized to favor creation and innovation, both for producing goods and providing services.
Quand le design gagne l'entreprise ... l'entreprise gagne !
... the company wins!
Integrating design at every step in the production chain is a key factor for your company’s success. Many partners are available in Montpellier to assist you.


3 exhibitions, 2 conferenced, 12 #Trios, 2 design labs, and 1 international day in 2017

training programs

for design: Esdac, Esma, Studio M, Esefac, E-Art Sup, IEFM3D, Esicad Montpellier, Artfx, Jean-Monnet High School, IFC Montpellier ... (Indigo d’Oc, 2016)
> 100


operating in the greater Montpellier area (Indigo d’Oc, 2016)