Agroecology and food

With 2,700 researchers and teachers and 15 international research organizations, Montpellier hosts the largest scientific community in the world for agriculture and biodiversity.

Agroecology and food: from global to local

Driven by the vitality of the French Tech #FoodTech thematic network, innovative projects are deployed throughout the territory, notably SMAG and ITK. Montpellier Métropole leveraged this vast pool of skills and experience to elaborate original territorial policy in terms of agroecology and food. This policy targets several objectives: offering healthy and local food for as many people as possible, supporting the farm economy and jobs, and preserving our natural heritage.

Leveraging expertise acquired while assisting innovative companies to the benefit of the farming and food sector, Montpellier Métropole seeks to unite stakeholders, support innovation, bring producers and consumers closer, and encourage grassroots initiatives. Home of the Qualiméditerranée competitiveness cluster and Agropolis International worldwide research cluster, Montpellier has two key goals: to support local production and increase the sector’s international reach.
Valérie De-Saint-Vaulry, Chargé de mission agronomie, agriculture, circuits courts

Economic Development and Employment Department

Valérie De Saint Vaulry

Mission manager for agronomics, farming, direct-to-consumer cycles


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AgroValo Méditerranée: promoting technology transfers

Created by Montpellier SupAgro, INRA, and INRA Transfert, AgroValo Méditerranée provides support for setting up laboratory-company collaboration projects and assists projects that generate value from research. This shared resource is also an incubator for innovative companies. In collaboration with Montpellier BIC, AgroValo has helped create about thirty startups over the past fifteen years.

SMAG, agriculture 3.0

35,000 people in the agricultural and agro-industrial community use the company’s web solutions in a dozen countries. SMAG (for “Smart Agriculture”) emerged from a startup founded in 2001 by four young Montpellier SupAgro graduates, assisted by Montpellier BIC. The company’s mission is to become the French champion of “Big Farming Data”. SMAG’s parent company, the In Vivo group, the leading French cooperative group, inaugurated the new SMAG facilities in the spring of 2017, along with its Studio Agro Digital startup incubator. The goal is to accelerate innovative projects in the agro-digital sector.

Mercadis, for direct-to-consumer cycles

With 220 companies, 80 producers, and 3,000 buyers, the Mercadis “market of national interest”, a distribution platform for food products, represents a key tool in local agro-ecology policy. Located near downtown Montpellier, Mercadis now hosts a raw product transformation workshop and has increased the focus on organic farming on its producers’ floor. Products from local farms represent 40% of the overall tonnage brought to market.