For the past more than 30 years, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has focused on innovative entrepreneurship by welcoming pioneers in digital and innovation sectors.

Discover and join local digital networks

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has everything it needs to play a key role in the digital economy, including the technical quality and diversity of local higher education and research organizations; dynamic companies, including majors such as IBM, Dell, Computacenter, Schlumberger, and Idate, along with many small and mid-market companies; plus accessibility, cutting-edge digital infrastructure, and a pleasant lifestyle.

From entrepreneurs and large company directors to university presidents and public-sector decision-makers, stakeholder commitment in this sector has made the Montpellier Métropole area one of France’s foremost digital centers.
Valérie Chaillou, Chargée de mission filières technologies de l'information.

Economic Development and Employment Department

Valérie Chaillou

Mission Manager, Information Technologies Sector




with dozens of researchers and acclaimed training programs

of the 165 currently-incubated BIC startups

are in digital activities

digital companies

in Occitanie (Emploi LR)

Key players

Thanks to professional clusters, conferences, and dedicated sites, you'll be able to meet companies, researchers, and other players in your sector easily.

Several business associations actively support professional gatherings, and help facilitate partnership arrangements while offering assistance services. This includes human resources, hiring, international aspects, and more.
  • French South Digital cluster, a professional group comprising companies in the digital economy from around the greater region.
  • Push Start cluster, association for video game professionals and future professionals.
  • HPC@LR center, helping to bring SMEs and researchers up to speed on supercomputing technologies.
  • Optitec competitiveness cluster, comprised of companies and researchers in the optics and photonics field, as well as companies that use related technologies.


French Tech building
French Tech colors fly high over Montpellier’s former City Hall, just a few steps from the Saint Roch train station and Montpellier’s central Place de la Comédie. The building welcomes incubator graduates in the digital sector. The French Tech Space is located on the ground floor, a veritable space for collaboration and ecosystem activities.
Cap Omega
The Cap Omega startup incubator offers you exceptional infrastructure and many essential services. Cap Omega has 64 modular offices ranging from 15 to 200 sq. meters.
Considered as the beating heart of digital innovation in the Montpellier area, Cap Omega contains the “Digital House” (Maison du Numérique) professional space, managed by  since 2015.
The Montpellier International Business Incubator (MIBI) offers a concept that is unique in Europe. This 3,500-sq. meter facility provides office space and services specifically for foreign companies. MIBI is a specialized offering in the heart of the area’s digital and tertiary zone, surrounded by the Eurêka, Mermoz, and Millénaire business parks, and more.

Major projects

Une métropole labellisée French Tech
Montpellier French Tech
Montpellier French Tech
Receiving the French Tech label was a sign of national recognition for the momentum and potential of Montpellier’s innovation ecosystem.
Montpellier, Creative City
Montpellier, Creative City
The Creative City (“Cité Créative”) will be a dedicated site with a unique purpose.