The creative city

The Creative City will open in downtown Montpellier in 2019. The complex was designated by the Paris Real Estate Summit as 2017’s “best project for territorial attractiveness".

Do business, live, and create!

The Creative City will be located centrally in Montpellier, on the site of the former Infantry School (EAI). It will be the first combined district for young urban activities dedicated to Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), offering 35,000 sq. meters of tertiary and commercial space and 2,500 apartments. The new district will leverage existing buildings as part of its identity, including the former military barracks, exercise field, and Montcalm Park, which is being transformed into a 20-hectare urban park.

Services for companies will also be offered. The area will include shared infrastructure (sound studios, motion capture, projection room, and more), an internationally-oriented campus , and “Tropisme Hall” which will open in January 2019. Led by Illusion & Macadam, an industry reference for its assistance work, this innovative concept fits in with today’s international trend for third spaces, a new type of place for encounters and creativity.
Valérie Chaillou, Chargée de mission filières technologies de l'information.

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La Cité Créative, ce sera : 40 hectares d'aménagements dont 35 000 m² d’activités tertiaires.
Resources for all
A multi-function cluster will mix moments of work and relaxation. The site will feature, among other things, a 400-seat projection room, studios for recording sound and voice-overs, and a micro-brewery. Open to all students and companies at the Creative City for their creative projects, events, and workshops, the facility is also designed to welcome the public and school outings.
Située sur l’ancien site de l’Ecole d’Application de l’Infanterie (EAI), la Cité Créative intègrera un campus porté par le groupe Icônes. © Esma
A campus with an international outlook
A foundation for the CCI ecosystem, the Creative City will welcome the Icônes network, which is a reference in training programs in the CCI field, and a 1,400-student campus uniting four schools, including Esma (Higher School of Artistic Professions).
Tropisme Hall
Companies can set up operations to join the Creative City momentum in the “Tropisme Hall,” which offers space ranging from single offices to 100 m² for headquarters. In total, some 200 entrepreneurs will roam the grounds at this new creative site. Alexis Wanneroy, Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation Studios, has already packed up to leave Los Angeles and set up there!
40 ha

developed space

including 35,000 sq. meters for tertiary activities


Esma, ETPA, Ciné Créatis, and IPESAA, representing about 1,400 students
4,000 m2


to welcome 150-200 entrepreneurs

Creative perspective

Creative campus overview by ESMA

The Icônes Group will set up training programs to be offered by 4 schools in applied arts, graphic design, animation cinema, and special effects. The most emblematic of the schools is Esma Montpellier, the network’s landmark school founded in Montpellier in 1993, whose programs and fields continue to receive selections and international awards.

Montpellier Cité Créative - ESMA