French Tech Montpellier

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is the epicenter of the French startup nation. The metropolis was one of the first to be awarded French Tech certification.

Well-deserved recognition

With 33 local companies certified, Montpellier is currently ranked as the leading French metropolis, right after Paris, in terms of the number of French Tech Pass laureates since 2015.  This comes as fitting recognition for a territory that has, for many years, implemented every effort to encourage entrepreneurial creativity. The Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), designated as international Incubator of the Year in 2007, has assisted more than 640 startups over the past 30 years.

This success also leverages a world-class research and higher education community, supported by the presence of industry giants such as IBM and Dell, and the organization of international events such as DigiWorld Summit.
Laurent Biasetti, Délégué French Tech

Economic Development and Employment Department

Laurent Biasetti

French Tech Delegate



metropolis in terms of the number of French Tech Pass certifications

(after Paris)

territory for job creation by startups

(Les Echos)
€350 million

in funds raised by over 100 startups

since 2014

Our three key goals

a community to support the French Tech brand image.
startup growth by reinforcing young companies' access to growth capital and venture capital.

French Tech Totem: the Halle’s predecessor

Just a few steps from the Saint Roch train station and the city’s central Place de la Comédie, French Tech colors fly high over Montpellier’s former City Hall. The building now hosts companies on four floors. The ground floor is devoted to meetings, co-working, and French Tech activities. Starting in 2020, the French Tech Halle, a 12,000 sq. meter complex serving as the emblematic and unifying feature of the new Cambacérès district, will stand across from the new Montpellier Sud de France train station. The building will be a melting pot for innovation in the heart of a business park filled with startups, small- and medium-sized companies, and major groups.

Complementing the French Tech Halle, two schools will set up in the district: a school for digital studies (5,000 sq. meters / 1,000 students), and Montpellier Business School (25,000 sq. meters / 3,000 students).