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  1. 4 Seasons of Agroecology and Sustainable Food: Autumn

    4 annual events organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

  2. Partner clusters involved with MedVallée

    For the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Aqua-Valley, Derbi, and Eurobiomed clusters, MedVallée will foster projects and innovations thanks to the convergence of health, food, and environmental sectors f...

  3. Montpellier Métropole strengthens its agroecological strategy

    Metropolitan authorities recently finished revising the area’s Agroecological and Food Policy. One of the policy’s objectives is to make sure everyone has access to local, healthy, and high-quality...

  4. Fabien Maroncles et Nicolas Jouy de Phyco-biotech © lemasmedia

    Phyco-Biotech Laboratories, food supplements with therapeutic goals

    The Montpellier company leverages spirulina properties to develop a line of completely natural products. The focus today is on hypertension.

  5. The agro-digital sector at the cutting-edge of innovation

    Eight companies in the Montpellier metropolitan area are laureates of the European DIVA program to accelerate the deployment of digital solutions in agricultural-agronomic and viticulture sectors. ...

  6. Amap Beaux-Arts©David Crespin

    Vegetable baskets creating ties

    In Montpellier, you can eat organic and local food while supporting rural agriculture. The association in Montpellier’s Beaux Arts neighborhood fills baskets for its 160 members. The goal is to pre...

  7. Raphaëlle Anginot, responsable de la Boutique des Sciences

    “Boutique des Sciences”, a collaborative space for ecological projects

    The Boutique des Sciences in Montpellier creates synergy among researchers, students, and association activists. An innovative tool created in 2017 to help collaborative projects emerge across all ...

  8. #FoodTech #AgTech: global agronomic research

  9. Millésime Bio 2016