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  1. Joseph Le Blanc, gérant de Terracoopa, au domaine de Viviers. @bastien defives

    Terracoopa, an entrepreneur collective committed to the environment

    The Montpellier cooperative Terracoopa unites farmers, landscapers, and artisans in the food sector. They share resources and knowledge to support good ecological practices and organic production a...

  2. Stéphane Marcel, directeur du digital du groupe InVivo_Aladin©DR accelerates digital transformation for farming

    InVivo, the leading cooperative farming group in France, has launched The online commercial platform designed by Montpellier’s Stéphane Marcel offers innovative solutions that will hel...

  3. Label d'Oc au MIN d Montpellier©DR

    Montpellier Market of National Interest is developing its innovative agricultural processing center

    Montpellier’s Market of National Interest (MIN) is a flagship for local and sustainable production. Spearheading the effort, MIN’s agricultural, artisan, and local processing center is growing quic...

  4. Adeline Lefebvre et Clémence Hugot ont fondé LoopEat en août 2019.

    LoopEat is targeting zero-waste for take-outs and delivered meals

    Founded in August 2019 in Montpellier, LoopEat is committed to the fight against wasting resources. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign with Les Coursiers Montpelliérains to develop meal d...

  5. La ferme urbaine d’Oasis Citadine, à Flaugergues, initie à la permaculture.

    Urban farming: Montpellier Métropole is committed!

    On October 15, 2019, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole signed the French Professional Urban Farming Association charter. The goal is to support producers by reinforcing their ties with residents.

  6. Numérique, circuit court, zéro déchet boostent l’agroécologie et l’alimentation durable @david richard

    Boosting agroecology and sustainable food with digital, direct-to-table, and zero waste

    Digital technology gives an unprecedented boost to agroecology and sustainable food, supported also by new players combining direct-to-table circuits and zero waste initiatives. Explained by the #D...

  7. La transition énergétique par la croissance verte est un défi planétaire qui trouve ses réponses à l'échelle des Métropoles.

    Montpellier welcomes the 169 signatory mayors of the Milan Pact

    Following the Territorial Assembly for Agroecological Transition held in February 2019, 179 mayors from signatory cities of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact will meet in Montpellier on October 7-9.

  8. Pascal Peny, directeur du service Partenariats à Montpellier SupAgro et référent du réseau thématique #FoodTech Montpellier

    #FoodTech Montpellier innovates from the field to your plate

    Montpellier startups united under the #FoodTech and #AgTech banners are creating tomorrow’s farming and food. These two French Tech thematic networks bring Montpellier Métropole to the forefront of...

  9. Call for contributions for the 1st Territorial Meetings on Agro-ecological Transition

    You may contribute to this initiative until July 30 by sharing your experience, practices, and thoughts, which will be presented in workshops on February 5-6, 2019, in Montpellier.

  10. Montpellier est engagée dans une politique de transition agroécologique et alimentaire, pour renforcer l’articulation entre "bien manger" et "bien produire" (P2A).

    Agroecology and food policy

    Montpellier is committed to agroecology and food transition policy (“P2A”) to support the optimal balance between “eating well” and “producing well.”