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  1. Torque, bracelets et fibules, Villeseneux (Marne), IIIe siècle avant notre ère.

    Fabulous ornaments of Gallic elites at the Torcs and Company exhibition

    Until September 2, the Henri Prades Museum in Lattes is exhibiting splendid ornaments worn by Gallic elites nearly 2,500 years ago, together with pristine ceramics and weapons. An exceptional colle...

  2. commerces Montpellier @M3M

    Montpellier: actions to revitalize the downtown area

    Boosting activity in downtown Montpellier is a priority for the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole, with the Hérault consular chambers and all local businesses. Together, they sent an am...

  3. Remy Dubernet, fondateur de  ©DR

    For the taste of beef

    Rémy Dubernet founded five years ago. Located at the Montpellier Market of National Interest, he promotes beef raised in France’s Aubrac, Lozère, and Aveyron departments to individ...

  4. Sonia Trinquier©Mosaïque des hommes et des jardins

    Adapted gardening workshops helping horticultural therapy flourish in Montpellier

    The Montpellier association “Mosaic of people and gardens” organizes gardening workshops designed for frail seniors, people with Alzheimer’s disease, and autistic children. Project: developing ther...

  5. Jean-Michel Duriez directeur adjoint de l’Afidol ©DR

    Green gold in Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

    The olive tree, the emblematic Mediterranean tree, is coming back to the Montpellier Métropole landscape. Production quality has created a niche market that sells both locally and in fine Parisian ...

  6. Laure Barbaza dirigeante de la Fabic ©David Crespin

    Fabic offers innovative services for culinary creators

    Laure Barbaza pioneered custom services for culinary creators: kitchen rentals, event organization, project assistance, and an expertise platform. And thus, Fabic was born.

  7. Drôle de Pain met de l’insertion dans les croissants et les brioches

    Drôle de Pain using croissants and buns for social integration

    Drôle de Pain doesn't just make great 100% home-made baguettes, croissants, and pizza. The bakery trains people going through social insertion at its Millénaire and Mondial 98 locations. With a tea...

  8. Fraichy, vos courses en ligne auprès de commerces de bouche montpelliérains

    Fraichy, your online shopping at Montpellier food shops

    Starting in mid-November, three student-entrepreneurs are launching Fraichy, an online store that unites Montpellier food businesses. Get everything you need to buy online, with delivery at your ho...

  9. Une convention pour booster l’artisanat

    An agreement signed to boost artisan activities

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the City of Montpellier, and the Hérault Chamber of Crafts and Trades signed a framework agreement on October 11 to promote artisanship and favor territorial eco...