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  1. A pilot site at Euromedicine Biopole for ecological management of invasive species

    Resilience program: Using nature as a solution to address water insecurity, invasive non-native species, climate disruption, biodiversity loss, and ecological and economic crises!

  2. Claude Grison, la directrice de ChimEco et directrice scientifique de Bioinspir© Maugendre David

    Bioinspir, scientific rigor to create natural and organic treatments

    Bioinspir observes the living to take inspiration from their ability to heal.

  3. Lise Grewis, directrice générale de ID Solutions - 3M ©Maugendre David

    ID Solutions, a startup that became the master of detection kits for Covid-19 and variants

    During the health crisis, the company applied its extensive expertise in PCR technology for cancer to help in the fight against the pandemic. This is known as successful diversification.

  4. L'équipe de IAGE @pierre-bruynooghe

    IAGE sets up at Biopôle office center for life sciences

    Specialized in environmental biological diagnostics, the startup was looking to expand its facilities to handle its growing business activity, in part boosted by the COVID-19 health crisis.

  5. Création d’entreprises : « Un Tramway Nommé Startup » fait le plein de projets @DR

    Company creation: “A Tramway Named Startup” filled with projects

    The 3rd edition of the Montpellier Métropole initiative “A Tramway Named Startup” attracted about one hundred project leaders on November 27. They met with 80 attentive coaches to get their company...

  6. Xavier TABARY_ Eurobiomed©DR

    New direction for the Eurobiomed health cluster: Interview with its president Xavier Tabary

    Eurobiomed and Cancer Bio Santé merge to create a pan-European health cluster.

  7. Kyomed Innov accompagne le développement des solutions de santé de demain

    KYomed INNOV, working to develop tomorrow’s health solutions

    Founded in 2014 to study innovative health devices, KYomed INNOV has been designing solutions since 2018. The dynamic company, based in Biopôle Euromédecine, is coordinating a health project as par...

  8. Offices at Biopôle Euromédecine in Montpellier/Grabels

  9. Laboratories at Biopôle Euromédecine in Montpellier/Grabels

  10. Oxeltis, ranked 30th in Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50

    2015 was a big year for Oxeltis, a service provider specializing in medicinal chemistry and custom organic synthesis. The company ranked 30th in the Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50 listing.