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  1. Inauguration du Campus Créatif

    Creative Campus inauguration

    After the cornerstone was laid for the Cocon building in July, it’s now time to inaugurate the Creative Campus! A flagship site for Cultural and Creative Industries, it will train future players in...

  2. Les ICC ont un nouveau rendez-vous : le MICC. @chuck production

    MICC 2020 kickoff

    Organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, this major Cultural and Creative Industries event was scheduled to be held live in early November. Due to COVID-19, this 3rd edition had to be redes...

  3. Fabre & the city #2 : une application pour une promenade culturelle

    Fabre & the City #2: an application that takes you on a cultural walk

    Discover the emblematic monuments from Montpellier’s medical and pharmaceutical history!

  4. Œil Pour Œil, un petit bijou comique du film d’animation créé par six étudiants de l’ESMA

    ESMA, ArtFX... Montpellier animation schools are creating talent!

    Hilarious pirates, crazy ducks, and other funny figures from Montpellier’s animation schools such as Esma and ArtFX are hits at the top festivals in France and abroad. They are the result of cuttin...

  5. Pierre Foulon, directeur général de Genious Healthcare @David Richard

    Genious Healthcare joins the ranks of the Swiss pioneer MindMaze

    By acquiring Genious Healthcare, therapeutic video games developer, the Swiss pioneer MindMaze establishes itself in Montpellier.

  6. Karim Khenissi, le créateur du réseau Icônes.  © PHOTOBIM – Dominique Quet

    Karim Khenissi, a heart set on training

    Karim Khenissi is one of the pillars of the Creative City. He oversees the Icônes network, which is setting up four schools on the campus. This is the fruit of continued deployment for ICC training...

  7. La Halle Tropisme en action @david richard

    Métropolisme Festival: making the city of tomorrow smart and welcoming

    From late September to mid-October, the Métropolisme Festival at Tropisme Hall examined issues and technologies for the smart city of tomorrow. Here are some high points from the event in Montpell...

  8. Déjà plus de 50 événements prévus au MICC, LE rendez-vous dédié aux Industries Culturelles et Créatives qui se tiendra du 13 au 18 avril 2019 à Montpellier Participez au MICC, LE rendez-vous dédié aux ICC sur le territoire montpelliérain.@axel coeuret @id

    MICC coming soon!

    After a successful first edition, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole launches the 2nd Montpellier Cultural and Creative Industries (MICC) event.

  9. creative city

    Creative city

    The Creative City will open in downtown Montpellier in 2019. The complex was designated by the Paris Real Estate Summit as 2017’s “best project for territorial attractiveness".

  10. La future Cité Créative en maquette © Atelier End

    The creative city

    The Creative City opened in downtown Montpellier in early 2019. The complex was designated by the Paris Real Estate Summit as 2017’s “best project for territorial attractiveness".