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  1. Jacques Cenatiempo Ⓒ 3M Audrey Viste

    Jacques Cenatiempo, faster than lightning

    Since his store opened in late 2017, the baker-pastry chef has been flourishing in Castelnau le Lez, already with 25 employees and a new project for expansion.

  2. Inscription aux Hivernales de Montpellier 2022

  3. Bertrand Lacombe et Thierry Carrière ©Maugendre David

    Bertrand Lacombe and Thierry Carrière, solidarity made by merchants

    After helping each other, both now want to liven up Montpellier’s Boulevard Louis Blanc, where their shops are located. A new neighborhood association is ready to emerge.

  4. Fraichy, vos courses en ligne auprès de commerces de bouche montpelliérains

    Fraichy, your online shopping at Montpellier food shops

    Starting in mid-November, three student-entrepreneurs are launching Fraichy, an online store that unites Montpellier food businesses. Get everything you need to buy online, with delivery at your ho...

  5. commerces Montpellier @M3M

    Montpellier: actions to revitalize the downtown area

    Boosting activity in downtown Montpellier is a priority for the City of Montpellier and Montpellier Métropole, with the Hérault consular chambers and all local businesses. Together, they sent an am...

  6. Label d'Oc au MIN d Montpellier©DR

    Montpellier Market of National Interest is developing its innovative agricultural processing center

    Montpellier’s Market of National Interest (MIN) is a flagship for local and sustainable production. Spearheading the effort, MIN’s agricultural, artisan, and local processing center is growing quic...

  7. Les Estivales 2018, Montpellier ©MMM

    “Les Estivales” – Montpellier summer fair

    Montpellier’s “Estivales” summer fair will take place every Friday evening from July 12 to August 30, 6:30 to 11:30 PM.

  8. Elsa Proverbio, du graphisme au bio sans regret @David Maugendre

    Elsa Proverbio, from graphics to organics with no regrets

    With her production facility at the Montpellier Market of National Interest (MIN), she makes the Crem’Riz line of cream desserts from organic Camargue rice. The small company seems immune to the cr...

  9. Ghislaine Masson, gérante du Café Léon

    The health crisis strengthened ties within our team

    Ghislaine Masson runs Café Léon, a restaurant in Montpellier’s Saint Roch district. She explains how she made it through the health crisis. Here's a tour of the kitchen!

  10. international

    Montpellier Métropole by your side with international assistance

    End-to-end guidance reduces risks and helps you reach the market faster.