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  1. Dispositif Achats – Quartiers

    Neighborhoods and Companies/PAQTE Charter, now more essential than ever

    Designed to encourage companies to work with residents living in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods, this program fully served its purpose in 2021. Here is a full report.

  2. Parrainage KPMG©KPMG

    KPMG offers long-term sponsorship for students in vocational high schools

    Signatory of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, KPMG helps facilitate inclusion for students at the Pierre Mendès-France vocational high school by helping them find internships and jobs, disc...

  3. Dell Technologies - élèves de 3e en stage©Dell Technologies

    At Dell Technologies, junior high school students in priority neighborhoods discover the diversity of computer jobs

    Dell Technologies welcomes last-year junior high school kids in priority neighborhoods to its Montpellier site, where they learn about the company’s occupations. A Companies and Neighborhoods Chart...

  4. De gauche à droite ; Thomas Dupressoir encadrant technique Informatique Plus, Frédéric Salles, président de Matooma, Abdel Bakkali président Cité Citoyenne, Kamel Barra coordinateur Les 4 Chemins

    Matooma commits by offering computer equipment to associations in priority neighborhoods

    Signatory of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, Matooma celebrated the Christmas spirit by offering to redistribute computer equipment to associations in priority neighborhoods.

  5. De gauche à droite : Le promoteur Marc Hisbergue président de LPPI, Kamel Bara directeur de les4chemins et Christopher Tasti chargé de projet de l’association, dans le potager en cours de plantation. @DR

    Les Pins, a green property developer committed to equal opportunity

    Montpellier based property developer Les Pins Promoteur d’Immobilier (LPPI), is committed to sustainable development and equal opportunity in the city’s priority neighborhoods. The company is prepa...

  6. Afterwork Adie@David Richard

    Tenacious companies, from micro-businesses to startups

    Adie organized an afterwork event on female entrepreneurship on October 29. A meeting with business founders and signatory companies of the Companies and Neighborhoods charter, joining together to ...

  7. Pierre Charvet, CEO de Studi @studi

    Studi launches online training for youth in priority neighborhoods

    With its fast growth in the e-learning sector, Studi offers 100 free online training courses for residents of Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods. The courses are part of Studi’s commitment to the...

  8. Les entreprises s’engagent pour les quartiers

    52 companies boosting inclusion in priority neighborhoods

    Over 50 SMEs and groups in the Montpellier area signed a convention for applying the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, co-driven by the French government and Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. ...

  9. Nordine El Ouachmi, président de Burostation et Bureaux and co ©David Richard

    Nordine El Ouachmi on the road to success

    Bureaux and Co, subsidiary of the Burostation group in Montpellier, signed the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter in 2018. A solid commitment led by CEO Nordine El Ouachmi, originally from the La ...

  10. Montpellier, terre propice à « l'Industrie positive »

    Building tomorrow’s economy

    In Montpellier, we promote industry that is a pioneer for new technologies, responsible for the environment, and committed to sustainable employment.