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  1. City Foliz, un dispositif de relance pour les commerces héraultais

    City Foliz, a boost for shops in the Hérault department

    This operation - “100% purchasing power” - will help boost purchases from local shops and support the holiday season, a critical period for you, our merchants, during which an average of one quarte...

  2. L'équipe de IAGE @pierre-bruynooghe

    IAGE sets up at Biopôle office center for life sciences

    Specialized in environmental biological diagnostics, the startup was looking to expand its facilities to handle its growing business activity, in part boosted by the COVID-19 health crisis.

  3. Les ICC ont un nouveau rendez-vous : le MICC. @chuck production

    MICC 2020 kickoff

    Organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, this major Cultural and Creative Industries event was scheduled to be held live in early November. Due to COVID-19, this 3rd edition had to be redes...

  4. Une plateforme pour soutenir les commerces de proximité

    A platform to support local businesses

    The city of Montpellier and the Hérault Chamber of Commerce and Industry are taking action to support local businesses in partnership with the Hérault Chamber of Trades and Artisans and the Union f...

  5. Atelier Numérique de Google à Montpellier

    Google Digital Workshop Montpellier

    Google Digital Workshop is back for the Fall season. We are pleased to share news with you about the program.

  6. Focus Commercial organisé par le BIC en visio

    BIC took good care of its startups during confinement

    In light of the Covid-19 crisis, Montpellier Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) found flexible ways to adapt its services to match the needs of the young companies and founders it assists.

  7. Créez votre réseau avec le BIC de Montpellier

    Covid-19 crisis: A look back at mobilization of local support and assistance service

    As soon as confinement was announced in France, Montpellier Métropole and the city of Montpellier set up a flexible and responsive service to help affected businesses and associations. Here’s a clo...