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  1. “Les Essenti’Elles” competition: 15 women entrepreneurs from Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods

    Determined to support entrepreneurship among women as completely as possible, France Active Airdie-Occitanie has created “Les Essenti’Elles”, a specific personalized program designed for women in M...

  2. Vincent et Allan - CEJ ©Le Mas Media

    Youth Employment Contract, a tool that is also appealing to companies

    Led by the Pôle Emploi employment department and “Mission Locale Jeunes de la Métropole de Montpellier,” this program aimed at helping people discover their professional path is as attractive to yo...

  3. Dispositif Achats – Quartiers

    Neighborhoods and Companies/PAQTE Charter, now more essential than ever

    Designed to encourage companies to work with residents living in Montpellier’s priority neighborhoods, this program fully served its purpose in 2021. Here is a full report.

  4. Ateliers numérique de Google

    Google Digital Workshops in Montpellier, also on YouTube

    Just like every year, you can follow each week’s Google Digital Workshops training sessions on YouTube

  5. Laurene Blavet et Jamal Benghabrit, Coraline ©Le Mas Media

    "C’FaitPourVous", an effective action for graduates from priority urban areas

    This original action launched by the Coraline association after the first lockdown is starting to show results. Here’s what it’s all about.

  6. La Tournée Entrepreneuriat pour tous de Bpifrance

    A bus named "Entrepreneurship for All"

    Supporting startup entrepreneurs from priority districts targeted by Montpellier city policy. That’s the goal of the “Entrepreneurship for All Bus,” a Bpifrance initiative involving Montpellier Mét...

  7. Pierre-Olivier Navarro, le directeur du Centre de Ressources des Groupements d’Employeurs (CRGE) Occitanie

    Employer groups, a tool for developing sustainable jobs

    This mechanism enables companies, associations, and local authorities to work together to obtain the skills they need on a part-time basis to grow, without taking risks.

  8. ✿ Global Compact France : prenez part au mouvement ! @david maugendre

    Montpellier Métropole leads the way with Global Compact France

    By becoming a member, Montpellier Métropole intends to encourage the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals throughout its territory’s business community.

  9. Retour sur le NEC Montpellier 2021

    Let’s work together for an inclusive digital city

    Digital is everywhere, but which digital do we want? A smart city that is inclusive by design? The Numérique en Commun[S] Montpellier event addressed the issue on April 1, focusing on initiatives, ...

  10. Inédit : Numérique en CommunS bientôt à Montpellier !

    New! “Numérique en Commun[S]” soon in Montpellier!

    Entrepreneurs, researchers, associations,... are you wondering about the role of digital technology in your life? Let’s build a digital approach together that is inclusive, ethical and sustainable ...