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  1. Grâce au Grand Détournement par le Design : de nouveaux objets naissent

    New objects born thanks to “Grand Détournement by Design”

    This competition seeks to create value by enabling new uses for production leftovers otherwise destined to become trash. The event’s second edition was held recently in Montpellier.

  2. Genevieve MARAIS Genevieve Marais, présidente de la société Aquatech Innovation @David Maugendre

    AquaTech Innovation, the solution for treating wastewater in environments with constraints

    With its completely ecological wastewater treatment system, the Montpellier company is in the latest class of French startups accelerating the ecological transition.

  3. Cycl’Op, a platform that promotes the circular economy

    This portal serves the entire network of Occitanie stakeholders fighting against waste and reducing the ecological impact of our consumption modes. Here’s a presentation of Cycl’Op.

  4. Thibault Barthez, CEO de My Sport Market ©3M Maugendre David

    My Sport Market, a 100% eco-responsible e-shop

    The Montpellier BIC assisted startup created a platform where sports stores can unload their unsold stock all year round. An anti-waste and eco-responsible solution.

  5. Lancement de la deuxième édition des Trophées pour la Biodiversité Occitanie 2020-2021 !

    Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie

    You have a company and would like to help preserve biodiversity? Submit your application for Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie! 2nd edition of Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie launched for 2020-...

  6. François Daumard, président de Valeco ©Valeco

    Valeco plans to create 150 to 250 new jobs within the next five years

    Based in Montpellier, Valeco is already one of France’s top 10 renewable energy producers. The company continues to gain momentum after joining the EnBW group, one of the largest energy suppliers i...

  7. Les 3 Graces ©Montpellier3M

    “Grands Sites Occitanie” certification offers a fine showcase for the metropolitan area

    Montpellier Métropole focuses on sustainable tourism with a wide range of attractions ranging from cultural and seaside offerings to natural spaces and historical heritage. Recognized as a destinat...

  8. Visuel Energia Tech

    1st Energia Tech Hackathon a great success

    “Why not become an active player for the future of your territory?” That is what the Energia Tech Hackathon is all about! The highly successful event took place in Montpellier on September 10-11, 2...

  9. Pierre-Édouard Robert, fondateur et dirigeant de Magic Pallet t@camille_marie_vavoirigher

    Magic Pallet: a positive impact solution!

    The Montpellier startup optimizes the management of pallets after their use for merchandise. An ingenious idea that led to 2.5 M€ in funding.

  10. Photo de l'équipe d'Izuba @dr

    Izuba Energies running on alternative power

    Specialized in energy and environmental optimization for buildings, Izuba Energies brilliantly combines ecological commitment, social innovation, and economic performance.