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  1. Photo de l'équipe d'Izuba @dr

    Izuba Energies running on alternative power

    Specialized in energy and environmental optimization for buildings, Izuba Energies brilliantly combines ecological commitment, social innovation, and economic performance.

  2. ElectricMotion©DR

    Electric Motion has its hand on the throttle

    At its factory in Vendargues, Electric Motion is developing and manufacturing off-road electric motorcycles, now selling in thirty countries. With 60% growth in 2019, the innovative industrial comp...

  3. Sébastien Bernis, CEO de Price Comparator @david richard

    Sébastien Bernis, CEO of PriceComparator “Even a small company can reduce its carbon footprint”

    PriceComparator is a specialist in market surveillance for the e-commerce sector. The Montpellier startup was founded by Sébastien Bernis in 2013.

  4. Christophe Rey, directeur d'APF Entreprises 34©DR

    APF Entreprises 34, an original response to social, economic, and environmental challenges

    APF Entreprises 34 has 52 employees with disabilities, working in activities with high value added and a strong ecological focus. Leading the way in terms of CSR, the company deploys its economic, ...

  5. Label d'Oc au MIN d Montpellier©DR

    Montpellier Market of National Interest is developing its innovative agricultural processing center

    Montpellier’s Market of National Interest (MIN) is a flagship for local and sustainable production. Spearheading the effort, MIN’s agricultural, artisan, and local processing center is growing quic...

  6. Montpellier s’affirme comme un pôle international de l’eau

    Montpellier confirms its role as an international reference in the water sector

    As home to the new International Center for Water Resources and the France Water Team federation, the Montpellier area hosts a large number of researchers, training programs, and expert companies f...

  7. De gauche à droite : Le promoteur Marc Hisbergue président de LPPI, Kamel Bara directeur de les4chemins et Christopher Tasti chargé de projet de l’association, dans le potager en cours de plantation. @DR

    Les Pins, a green property developer committed to equal opportunity

    Montpellier based property developer Les Pins Promoteur d’Immobilier (LPPI), is committed to sustainable development and equal opportunity in the city’s priority neighborhoods. The company is prepa...

  8. Mission accomplie pour le Créathon de Montpellier @DR

    Créathon, accelerator for societal innovation

    Mission accomplished for Montpellier Créathon! Held on November 23, this high point of the Social Cup – French competition for social entrepreneurs in the 18 to 30 age range – helped spark green an...

  9. Thierry Demaret - SYRIUS SOLAR@DR

    Syrius Solar Industry ready to win over France with its solar water heaters

    Focused on overseas markets since it was founded in 2013, the Lavérune based SME now wants to win over France with its solar water heaters. The fast-growing company also plans to open a subsidiary ...

  10. Défi, hackathon, eau, ville, innovation, projet, idée

    2nd Water Tech Hackathon

    Water Tech Hackathon 2019 is a non-profit event that will be held on December 13-14, 2019, simultaneously in Montpellier, Barcelona, and the Reunion Island, with a focus on Water and the City. The ...