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  1. Rencontres Open Innovation avec Veolia en 2020

    A look back at Open Innovation Meetings with Veolia

    Veolia Eau and Montpellier BIC recently organized an Open Innovation day to bring together startups and operational teams from Veolia. Radio Aviva shares podcasts with you from the innovation-focus...

  2. François Daumard, président de Valeco ©Valeco

    Valeco plans to create 150 to 250 new jobs within the next five years

    Based in Montpellier, Valeco is already one of France’s top 10 renewable energy producers. The company continues to gain momentum after joining the EnBW group, one of the largest energy suppliers i...

  3. Kevin Coulm, gérant de DROMFit @DROMFit

    In great shape, DROMFit launches its Made in Montpellier clothing line

    Specializing in cross-training clothing, DROMFit relocated to Montpellier’s Garosud business park in late 2019. The young company is focusing on a dual goal to integrate its manufacturing and also ...

  4. Ludovic Perrier (à droite), directeur des opérations de Diota, avec Vincent Thibeaut responsable de production (à gauche). @David Richard

    Diota in the momentum of “Montpellier, Positive Industry”

    Startup Diota, deploying digital solution in the industry, earned its French Tech Pass in 2018. The company creates innovative tools at its Montpellier site. A nice example of “Positive Industry” p...

  5. Atelier UIMM

    UIMM Occitanie LR, a player for Montpellier, Positive Industry

    As host for the 1st Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry workshop, and coach during the recent UTNS event, the UIMM Occitanie LR federation is firmly committed to the Montpellier, Positive In...

  6. Grégory Lamotte, CEO de Comwatt©David Richard

    Doing business differently: Comwatt focuses on making the energy transition accessible to all

    Montpellier startup Comwatt, which develops solar solutions for low cost self-consumption, expands its initiatives for promoting energy transition that is accessible to everyone, from collective se...

  7. L'industrie positive Made in Montpellier : innovante, éco-responsable et engagée

    Positive industry Made in Montpellier: innovative, eco-responsable, and committed

    The first Metropolitan Council for Positive Industry was held on October 1 with about twenty representatives. Three workshop-councils will focus on the territory’s new “signature” to approve a road...

  8. Le président fondateur de Main Gauche Alexandre Kosmala. @DR

    Doing business differently: "Main Gauche" unites positive industry with growth

    To support its fast growth, Montpellier-based “Main Gauche” will build a €10 million site at Garosud and hire massively. With its French Tech Pass certification, the textile printing company is a b...

  9. Visuel plaquette Industrie Positive EN

    Montpellier, positive industry

    In Montpellier, we promote industry that is a pioneer for new technologies, responsible for the environment, and committed to sustainable employment.