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    On April 28, the pharmaceutical company MedinCell and its partner TEVA announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a long-acting injectable medication for treating schizophren...

  2. Crowdfunding campaign launched for La Picorée

    La Picorée, a startup assisted by Montpellier BIC and MedVallée, is launching its crowdfunding campaign on the WE DO GOOD platform from March 13 to May 13. Its goal is to reach 100,000 euros to con...

  3. Retour sur le concours Graines d'Agro 2023

    A look back at the 14th edition of the Graines d’Agro competition

    The grand finale of the Graines d’Agro competition for innovative ideas took place on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:00 p.m. at Institut Agro Montpellier’s La Gaillarde campus. Nine finalists were invited t...

  4. La Métropole de Montpellier présente au Salon International de l'Agriculture 2023

    Organic wine and wine tourism: Montpellier shows its strengths at International Agricultural Fair in Paris

    Montpellier Métropole had its first booth at the International Agricultural Fair in Paris, showcasing local winegrowers and producers, some of whom are involved in the "Destination Vignobles de Mon...

  5. Photo des Assises MedVallée

    MedVallée, continued momentum in the Montpellier area

    Six months after the MedVallée Meetings in late June 2022, which brought together more than 700 stakeholders from MedVallée’s three areas of excellence, the beginning of 2023 is marked by a wealth ...

  6. A look at the Montpellier Game Lab incubation program

    Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC hosted the final presentation of the Montpellier Game Lab incubation program on Wednesday, February 8.

  7. Les Prix EDF Pulse Éolien Flottant en Méditerranée

    Launch of new EDF Pulse awards for offshore windmills on the Mediterranean Sea

    The EDF Pulse awards recognize teams with innovative solutions for inspecting and working on sea-based energy generation structures. A presentation webinar is scheduled for February 10, in partners...

  8. incubateur montpellier toulouse

    Innovative companies: applications for the 20th GO cohort are now open!

    “Les Premières Occitanie” specializes in working with women entrepreneurs at every step of their projects.

  9. Concours i-Nov

    i-Nov innovation competition: awards for 4 laureates from Montpellier

    The 9th wave of the i-Nov innovation competition recently recognized the achievements of four Montpellier-based companies, all alumni of the Montpellier Mediterranean Metropole BIC: Phost’In, WeFig...

  10. Le Village and Caisse Régionale are determined!

    In cooperation with Caisse Régional’s pro-agriculture-heritage market development team, Le Village by CA Languedoc participated in the “Determined” program for the second year in a row.