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  1. Lancement du programme GO des Premières Occitanie

    “Premières Occitanie” sets up in Montpellier

    Already present in Toulouse, the association “Les Premières Occitanie” is launching its company creation assistance program for the first time in Montpellier, with support from Montpellier Méditerr...

  2. Rencontres Open Innovation avec Veolia en 2020

    A look back at Open Innovation Meetings with Veolia

    Veolia Eau and Montpellier BIC recently organized an Open Innovation day to bring together startups and operational teams from Veolia. Radio Aviva shares podcasts with you from the innovation-focus...

  3. Portrait des fondateurs de DigixArt @DigixArt

    Road 96, a new video game by DigixArt

    Founded in Montpellier in 2015, the DigixArt video game studio continues along its successful path by launching Road 96, its third creation, announced at Game Awards 2020.

  4. ActInSpace 2020 à Montpellier

    Report on the ActInSpace Montpellier 2020 hackathon

    The 4th edition of ActInSpace will take place on November 13-14. Dedicated to space applications, this hackathon was created by CNES in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). Here’s a lo...

  5. Jason Perrier co-fondateur d’Agoragom, avec Frédérique Vidal, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'innovation

    PEPITE 2020 award: Jason Perrier, national winner for PEPITE LR

    Co-founder of Agoragom, Jason Perrier laureate of the PEPITE Springboard for Student Entrepreneurship competition organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in P...

  6. Two years after launching Stellina, Vaonis announces its latest product

    Montpellier startup Vaonis launches a mini version of its Stellina solution, which overturned traditional astronomy codes when it was created in 2018. Details and naming for the new product were re...

  7. Photo des co-fondateurs de WeFight, Pierre Nectoux et Benoît Brouard @pierre_bruynooghe

    With Vik, Wefight helps sick people break out of their isolation

    The startup created a virtual companion as a mobile application that improves the daily lives of patients with chronic diseases or cancer. Success has encouraged Wefight to expand its solution’s fe...

  8. Visuel Energia Tech

    1st Energia Tech Hackathon a great success

    “Why not become an active player for the future of your territory?” That is what the Energia Tech Hackathon is all about! The highly successful event took place in Montpellier on September 10-11, 2...

  9. Pierre-Édouard Robert, fondateur et dirigeant de Magic Pallet t@camille_marie_vavoirigher

    Magic Pallet: a positive impact solution!

    The Montpellier startup optimizes the management of pallets after their use for merchandise. An ingenious idea that led to 2.5 M€ in funding.

  10. Concours Ilab 2020

    3 BIC graduate entrepreneurs, winners of the i-Lab 2020 competition, with 2 national prizes out of 10!

    The 22nd edition of the highly selective i-Lab innovation competition recently distinguished three entrepreneurs who graduated from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole BIC, awarding them two nationa...