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  1. Montpellier, terre propice à « l'Industrie positive »

    Building tomorrow’s economy

    In Montpellier, we promote industry that is a pioneer for new technologies, responsible for the environment, and committed to sustainable employment.

  2. A la rencontre de nos succePascal Magnier et Clément Penin, co-dirigeants d’Expernova

    Meeting our success stories / Interview with Pascal Magnier and Clément Penin, co-directors of Expernova

    “Beyond the idea, your ability to execute is what makes the difference”

  3. Drôle de Pain met de l’insertion dans les croissants et les brioches

    Drôle de Pain using croissants and buns for social integration

    Drôle de Pain doesn't just make great 100% home-made baguettes, croissants, and pizza. The bakery trains people going through social insertion at its Millénaire and Mondial 98 locations. With a tea...

  4. ELA Innovation reinforces its presence abroad while committing locally

  5. NETIA reinvents itself in Montpellier

  6. Qualtera receives its French Tech Pass

  7. Richard Mousties, Président de Qualtera @qualtera


    Specializing in online services for production control and manufacturing quality in the electronics industry, Qualtera was awarded the French Tech Pass on October 13.

  8. Le Liner à Montpellier

    Moving to Montpellier

    Get ready to enjoy a tradition of welcoming, an exceptional environment, a privileged location in the Mediterranean region, and a quality of life appreciated by many.

  9. Montpellier, partner for Québec City’s first Digital Week

    Québec City welcomed over 1,000 attendees for its first Digital Week, from April 4-9. Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole was a partner for this event, in cooperation with Axelle Lemaire, French Min...

  10. Rerouted A9 reshapes Montpellier motorway structure

    The A9 motorway bypass is scheduled to open in May, giving Montpellier the ring-road structure it has needed for some time. This €800 million project, which employed up to 1,500 people, also helped...