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  1. Visuel Smart Tale

    Smart Tale video game studio moves to Montpellier

    Attracted by the Montpellier video game ecosystem, the company is moving from Arles to the Millénaire office center in Montpellier, where they plan to double their staff size.

  2. IMAIOS, l’inventeur de l’e-anatomy @david maugendre

    IMAIOS, inventing e-anatomy

    Founded in 2008 by two radiologists, the Montpellier BIC graduate startup is listed in the 2021 ranking of France’s 500 growth champions. Here’s an x-ray of their success.

  3. Bastien Nicolaï Podcast © 3M - Maugendre David

    Bastien Nicolaï, multi-faceted podcaster

    Narrator and specialist in voice-overs, he created Studio Podcast Montpellier to offer the fast-growing audio content format on the Internet. Here is a profile of Bastien Nicolaï.

  4. Retour sur le NEC Montpellier 2021

    Let’s work together for an inclusive digital city

    Digital is everywhere, but which digital do we want? A smart city that is inclusive by design? The Numérique en Commun[S] Montpellier event addressed the issue on April 1, focusing on initiatives, ...

  5. Le Montpellier Game Lab, un programme pour aider les jeunes studios de jeu vidéo à décoller

    Montpellier Game Lab, a program to help young video game studios take off

    Montpellier BIC and the Push Start association launch an unprecedented assistance program designed to reinforce development of startups in this industry.

  6. Inédit : Numérique en CommunS bientôt à Montpellier !

    New! “Numérique en Commun[S]” soon in Montpellier!

    Entrepreneurs, researchers, associations,... are you wondering about the role of digital technology in your life? Let’s build a digital approach together that is inclusive, ethical and sustainable ...

  7. Aline Bsaibes, directrice générale d’ITK ©3M Maugendre David

    Aline Bsaibes, CEO of ITK and woman of influence in Europe

    Aline Bsaibes distinguished as one of the “Top 25 Women Leaders in Software of Europe for 2021" by The Software Report based in New York.

  8. IBM Academy: find candidates for work-study internships

    IBM Academy helps develop digital careers in the Occitanie region, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. Our candidates are looking for work-study internships from April 2021 to Mar...

  9. Fortiche Production opens a subsidiary in Montpellier

    After Fortiche Production announced its move to the south last summer, the company has opened two subsidiaries, one in Montpellier and the other in Las Palmas - Gran Canaria.

  10. Les ICC ont un nouveau rendez-vous : le MICC. @chuck production

    MICC 2020 kickoff

    Organized by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, this major Cultural and Creative Industries event was scheduled to be held live in early November. Due to COVID-19, this 3rd edition had to be redes...