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  1. Lancement de la deuxième édition des Trophées pour la Biodiversité Occitanie 2020-2021 !

    Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie

    You have a company and would like to help preserve biodiversity? Submit your application for Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie! 2nd edition of Biodiversity Trophies in Occitanie launched for 2020-...

  2. Looking back at the “Rencontres pour l’Emploi” job fair

    The “Rencontres pour l’Emploi” job fair was held this year entirely online from January 9 - 22, in an effort to stay closer than ever to companies and people seeking jobs. Here’s a quick summary of...

  3. Ouverture des inscriptions pour le Créathon

    Social Cup: registration open for Créathon!

    Registration for the Social Cup Créathon is now open! The French Open for young socially oriented entrepreneurs will cover 12 cities, including Montpellier, from early October to March 18, date of ...

  4. Social Cup 2020-2021

    Social Cup now launched, the French Open for young socially oriented entrepreneurs

    Makesense officially announces the launch of the 7th edition of its Social Cup, the French Open for young socially oriented entrepreneurs. The event will cover 12 cities, including Montpellier, fro...

  5. Jason Perrier co-fondateur d’Agoragom, avec Frédérique Vidal, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'innovation

    PEPITE 2020 award: Jason Perrier, national winner for PEPITE LR

    Co-founder of Agoragom, Jason Perrier laureate of the PEPITE Springboard for Student Entrepreneurship competition organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation in P...

  6. Pierre-Édouard Robert, fondateur et dirigeant de Magic Pallet t@camille_marie_vavoirigher

    Magic Pallet: a positive impact solution!

    The Montpellier startup optimizes the management of pallets after their use for merchandise. An ingenious idea that led to 2.5 M€ in funding.

  7. Photo de toute l'équipe du groupe ESII

    ESII: “Tomorrow’s companies will be Social Purpose Corporations”

    An expert in client reception management, Lavérune-based ESII considers a company’s economic performance to be as important as its contribution to the common good. As agile is when it was founded, ...

  8. MagicPallet team in september 2020

    MagicPallet raises €2.5 M for its collaborative solution

    MagicPallet has raised €2.5 M for its collaborative solution for exchanging Euro-pallets, reducing the environmental impact of road freight transport as a result.

  9. Photo de l'équipe d'Izuba @dr

    Izuba Energies running on alternative power

    Specialized in energy and environmental optimization for buildings, Izuba Energies brilliantly combines ecological commitment, social innovation, and economic performance.

  10. Parrainage KPMG©KPMG

    KPMG offers long-term sponsorship for students in vocational high schools

    Signatory of the Companies and Neighborhoods Charter, KPMG helps facilitate inclusion for students at the Pierre Mendès-France vocational high school by helping them find internships and jobs, disc...