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  1. ElectricMotion©DR

    Electric Motion has its hand on the throttle

    At its factory in Vendargues, Electric Motion is developing and manufacturing off-road electric motorcycles, now selling in thirty countries. With 60% growth in 2019, the innovative industrial comp...

  2. Joseph Le Blanc, gérant de Terracoopa, au domaine de Viviers. @bastien defives

    Terracoopa, an entrepreneur collective committed to the environment

    The Montpellier cooperative Terracoopa unites farmers, landscapers, and artisans in the food sector. They share resources and knowledge to support good ecological practices and organic production a...

  3. Sébastien Bernis, CEO de Price Comparator @david richard

    Sébastien Bernis, CEO of PriceComparator “Even a small company can reduce its carbon footprint”

    PriceComparator is a specialist in market surveillance for the e-commerce sector. The Montpellier startup was founded by Sébastien Bernis in 2013.

  4. Dell Technologies - élèves de 3e en stage©Dell Technologies

    At Dell Technologies, junior high school students in priority neighborhoods discover the diversity of computer jobs

    Dell Technologies welcomes last-year junior high school kids in priority neighborhoods to its Montpellier site, where they learn about the company’s occupations. A Companies and Neighborhoods Chart...

  5. Christophe Rey, directeur d'APF Entreprises 34©DR

    APF Entreprises 34, an original response to social, economic, and environmental challenges

    APF Entreprises 34 has 52 employees with disabilities, working in activities with high value added and a strong ecological focus. Leading the way in terms of CSR, the company deploys its economic, ...

  6. Lancement de la promotion EMBA

    Top-level training for entrepreneurs who balance growth and social responsibility

    This year’s SME Growth Strategies Executive MBA offered by University of Montpellier’s Montpellier Management Institute, in partnership with Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, will be... LEADER!

  7. Osons les entrepreneurs engagés©DR

    “Let’s Dare to be Committed Entrepreneurs”: the competition is on!

    You have until March 1 to participate in this competition organized by France Active Airdie-Occitanie with support from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole. The goal is to help committed local entre...

  8. Muriel Fournier et Mohamed NassiriI IMPSL©DR

    Entrepreneurship differently / Sponsors, a lever for success stories by Initiative Montpellier Pic Saint-Loup

    A major player in startup funding, the Initiative Montpellier Pic Saint-Loup association focuses on sponsorship and professional networking for entrepreneurs. The commitment is effective and helps ...

  9. L'équipe de Avizzeo au complet. @David Richard

    Doing business differently: Avizzeo, happy at work!

    Montpellier-based IT consultancy Avizzeo became a cooperative and participative company in 2016. Well-being at the workplace is one of the core values for the company, labeled Happy at Work in 2017.

  10. Ludovic Perrier (à droite), directeur des opérations de Diota, avec Vincent Thibeaut responsable de production (à gauche). @David Richard

    Diota in the momentum of “Montpellier, Positive Industry”

    Startup Diota, deploying digital solution in the industry, earned its French Tech Pass in 2018. The company creates innovative tools at its Montpellier site. A nice example of “Positive Industry” p...