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  1. Incubasciences startup incubator

  2.  The Health Autonomy Cluster is the European center of excellence for research around the autonomy of people

    Health / Independent living cluster

    Is your company involved with the silver economy? Are you a researcher or manufacturer? The city of Lattes offers a unique exhibition and experimentation space for your products.

  3. Therapeutic innovation in neuroradiology

    A major issue for public health, the development of interventional neuroradiology will improve stroke (cerebral vascular accident) treatment.

  4. Sun-Fair project

    This MRI-guided radiotherapy unit at the Montpellier Cancer Institute (ICM) represents a major step forward in improving radiotherapy treatments.

  5. REDSAIM project

    One of Montpellier's goals is to position itself as an international reference point in the field of anti-infectious molecule discovery to meet the challenges of emerging threats.

  6. Arnaud de Villeneuve - CHU de Montpellier

    “Cyborg” Bio-Incubator

    Cyborg will stimulate therapeutic innovation to help invent tomorrow’s regenerative medicine and biotherapies.

  7. #HealthTech: Health in our genes

  8. Montpellier France Health Hub

    Montpellier France Health Hub

    Health-related activities are a major asset for the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole area’s attractiveness and dynamics as an excellence sector. Innovation and research stakeholders unite under a...

  9. Francooise Cailler Surgimab

    2018, a pivotal year for SurgiMAb

    The Montpellier biotech company SurgiMAb is preparing to launch Phase III testing of its fluorescent SGM-101 compound on 300 patients with gastrointestinal cancers. A critical step before market re...

  10. Azelead: using zebra fish to attack cancer