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Seclab boosted by French Tech Pass

Information updated on 20/06/18
Founded in 2011 in Montpellier, the cybersecurity company Seclab creates solutions to protect critical infrastructure for public authorities and companies from cyber-pirates. The company’s French Tech Pass, awarded in 2015, created many opportunities in France and abroad.
Xavier Facélina, CEO of the cybersecurity company Seclab, exclaims: “The French Tech Pass is highly selective, but it offers significant visibility in France and abroad, while opening access to a single point-of-contact for services. It represents the ideal gateway.” Since 2011, Seclab has been developing a range of solutions to protect critical infrastructures from cyber-pirate attacks. This includes electricity, gas, transportation, and water treatment networks, as well as industry and financial services organizations. Laureate of the French Tech Pass in November 2015, the young company is one of the 16 Montpellier area companies to receive the prestigious award, reserved for companies undergoing hyper-growth. 3 of the 16 companies were French Tech Pass renewals.
Xavier Facélina smiles and says: “I was able to present all of our desires to the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole French Tech Pass project manager. It was my wish list! I mentioned that we were looking for ways to work in Germany. Our contact informed me that the France embassy was organizing a meeting in Berlin with startups, and Seclab participated.” Seclab joined the Bpifrance Excellence network. “We recently joined Bpifrance’s Hub40 acceleration program, and it already led us to one qualified customer meeting. The French Tech Pass has even brought in some sales revenue. It helped accelerate referencing for our products by UGAP (of Public Sector Buying Group). It is a mechanism that works well and we would like to continue with it.” 
Forecasting continued growth, Seclab could increase its staff from 15 to 20 people within the next six months. Xavier Facélina wants to raise funds to support the company’s development, notably internationally (Seclab has had an office in Silicon Valley since 2012). Seclab raised 1 million euros in June 2016, and is currently working on another round of capital investment for 2.5 - 3 million euros.

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