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Video games: Scimob

Information updated on 20/06/18
Scimob, video game company and laureate of the French Tech Pass in June 2015, has been acquired by Webedia, the second largest French group in digital media.
In January 2016, Scimob joined Webedia, the second-largest digital media group in France. Gaël Bonnafous, founder of Scimob, says: “For us, being part of a group is the best way to continue driving our activity successfully over the long-term. Webedia’s specialization is complementary to our own, which will enable us to expand our activities while still concentrating on our core business and preserving our independence.”
Founded in 2008, the company has been designing, developing, and distributing mobile applications for games, quizzes, and general culture since 2012. Its applications are distributed in over 140 countries. Scimob confirmed its position in the market with growth rising from its historical 100% per year since 2012, reaching 400% in 2015.
The company was a laureate in the French Tech Pass program, as well as the software developers’ Trophée 250 competition. Scimob is the only French company in the Top 10 of free applications in France, by and for Apple, with its “94%” game. The company was selected in the “Best Of” 2015 by Google Play for its Word Academy game.
Scimob and its teams are firmly committed to Montpellier, where Gaël Bonnafous was welcomed by the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) when first creating his project: “I chose the lifestyle and a place where there are many stakeholders in the sector, notably for video games, making Montpellier a very dynamic area where we feel good and want to stay.”

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