Pursuing the energy transition via green growth is a global challenge whose answers can be found on a metropolis-wide scale. All stakeholders in the Montpellier area are mobilized.

An innovative sector accelerating green growth

The environment is a metropolitan responsibility exercised through waste treatment and mobility programs, and the fight against pollution.
Environmental protection in Montpellier is a major preoccupation that involves the full range of economic powers.
Innovating is about preparing for tomorrow’s economy and jobs, while supporting the initiatives and changes required to ensure the quality of life and work in our territory as well as across the planet.
Anne Galaud, Chargé de mission Environnement

Economic Development and Employment Department

Anne Galaud

Mission Manager, Environment sector


Preserved environment

Montpellier benefits from an exceptionally high-quality environment, ranging from vineyards to scrublands to sea and marshes. Our project for the territory revolves around preserving and promoting this valuable natural resource. The Territorial Development Plan (SCOT), which has driven our development over the past thirty years, limits the space allowed for urbanization to just one third of the territory.
Montpellier Métropole promotes innovation, excellence, and new technologies, and works with companies pursuing sustainable projects, especially in the fields of renewable energies and agroecology. A key component in the French Tech initiative, the Smart City concept leverages the entire EcoCité territory as an experimental space, notably with services deployed for energy in the La Mantilla neighborhood, as well as for mobility and risk management.

Major environmental players in Montpellier

Competitiveness clusters
Universities and research centers
Business and stakeholder networks

Emblematic sites and initiatives

Cap Alpha, clean- and greentech incubator
Located in Clapiers, in a green belt just north of Montpellier, minutes from major research and health centers and universities, Cap Alpha offers laboratory space, workshops, offices, and shared services to make daily life easier for startups.
Le Salon de l’Ecologie est le rendez-vous national de la filière professionnelle de l’écologie (photo Université de Montpellier)
Ecology Conference in Montpellier
The Ecology Conference is the national meeting place for professionals in the ecology sector. The event is sponsored by University of Montpellier.

Zoom on energy at La Mantilla

More than just a showcase for the Smart City, this 32,000 m² program on Montpellier’s Avenue de la Mer illustrates Montpellier Métropole’s ambitions and challenges. La Mantilla residents can manage their water and electricity consumption via a digital data exchange system – a smart network.
This system also makes energy management easier for the city block, which is powered by a trigeneration biomass plant producing electricity, heat, and cooling. Lastly, the GD6D initiative proposed by the startup E3D assists residents with the everyday use of technology innovations.

BoCal: both good and local to benefit our planet

Montpellier has both local and global ambitions to support production and increase the international presence of the agro-ecological and food sector.
The BoCal initiative enables you to identify produce that is both local and good...for your health, the local economy, and the planet. BoCal highlights players within the territory who participate in that goal at their own level to develop our ability to feed Montpellier area residents with healthy food that respects local ecosystems

BoCal, bon & local je me régale !