What is social innovation?

Social innovation involves seeking new ways to meet social and territorial needs that are poorly or insufficiently addressed. Social innovation involves the simultaneous creation of new organizational forms, governance, collaboration with private- and public-sector stakeholders, civil society...

Social innovation is a powerful vector for human progress and economic efficiency

Social innovation focuses on issues related to aging, health, food, energy, water, the green economy, and more. These are all areas in which social entrepreneurs invest. It is possible to innovate and do business differently in any sector with an approach that is beneficial to society as a whole.

A specialized network is here to help you

Do you have an innovative project involving social innovation that requires assistance over the long term? 
AlterIncub is a start-up incubator for social companies that can help you focus for 12 to 18 months on creating your company. Among other services, the incubator offers technical and methodology support, access to resources for performing technical feasibility studies, advice from experts, networking, training and sharing experience, assistance for seeking funding, and personalized follow-up. 
Would you and your associates like to create a company based on a cooperative model (SCOP - Cooperative and Participative Companies; or SCIC - Cooperative Companies for the Collective Interest)? The Languedoc-Roussillon Regional Scop Union offers to help you define your project, elaborate you company bylaws, and assist you with logistical aspects.
REPLIC, a cooperative group of solidarity companies, creates companies of social and environmental utility as a way to satisfy territorial issues. A majority partner in companies created with SCIC status (Cooperative Companies for the Collective Interest), REPLIC appoints a designated manager to oversee everyday company development. This approach provides a fresh perspective on collective entrepreneurship.
Would you like to become part of the local social innovation dynamics, but you would like to get proper training first? One solution is the Coeptis School for Entrepreneurship in the Social Economy, which provides training for founders, employees and managers of social and solidarity companies.

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