Finding a job

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has created a tool called Cyber Base, an online resource to help give you support for your various professional projects, whether your needs are related to looking for a job, creating a company, buying a company or hiring staff.
With Cyber Base, you can find job offers on selected sites, check sites with advice on writing a resume/CV, submit your candidature to resume/CV databases, find out about relevant conferences and various workshops related to job-search techniques.
Entrepreneurs can find ideas and opportunities for buying an existing company, elaborating a business plan with the Montpellier Business Plan software application, getting information about legal status options and administrative formalities, and seeking funding and potential investors.

Finding child-care

Several different types of child-care structures are available to meet your needs, depending on the age of your children.
For the youngest ones, group care is offered by child-care and day-care centers (“crèches” and “halte-garderies”). These establishments are subject to strict regulations and approvals by French child and infant protection services.
You could also choose to bring your children for in-home care offered by a certified provider in their home. Another option is to employ a professional care-provider to take care of your child or children in your own home. You may employ these people yourself or through an approved national organization.
If your child is in school, you may take advantage of after-school activities or care during the school year (before and after class time) and/or during vacation. These services offer children both educational and fun-leisure activities.

Putting children in school

In order to meet the dynamic population growth in our territory, new school establishments are being built continually, while existing structures are part of an ongoing renovation program.

  • Primary school
    Generally speaking, children attend the public school closest to their home. You may register your children for pre-school and elementary school at City Hall. You'll need your family records, proof-of-address, health booklet and an exit certificate from the previous school.
  •  Secondary school
    For middle-school and high school, you must have an exit certificate from the previous establishment and register your child with the new school system before moving.

Studying in our territory

Student life has long been a core feature of our territory's DNA. Montpellier first earned its reputation with its Faculty of Medicine, opened in 1220, the oldest in France. The Faculty of Law and Arts dates back to 1289, and the Faculty of Theology was founded in 1421
Most of the higher education establishments in our academic zone are concentrated in Montpellier, with some 68,000 students. Nearly one of every four Montpellier residents is pursuing studies. Higher education is organized into three main geographical sectors:

  •  North:
    University of Montpellier 1: Medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, sports.
    University of Montpellier 2: Sciences, economics/ business administration, Polytech, Technical University Institute.
    University of Montpellier 3: Letters, languages, social sciences, arts.
    Also, the international Agropolis complex, School of Architecture, School of Chemistry, and University Institute of Teacher Education.
  •  Center:
    University of Montpellier 1: Law, first cycle of medicine.
    Also, the Fine Arts School (Beaux Arts), Conservatory of Music.
  •  South:
    University of Montpellier 1: Economic sciences, management, economic-social administration, preparation for general administration (IPAG) at the Richter campus.

Ensuring safety for society’s most vulnerable

We have implemented a tele-alarm system to help care for those people whose health and safety need to be monitored 24 hours a day.
Designed for people with reduced motor abilities and elderly people, this system enables users to continue living independently at home, thanks to an immediate alert mechanism that contacts emergency services in case a problem arises.
During heat waves, Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole also provides residents with permanent outside contact via the tele-alarm system in case of need.

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