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Cycl’Op, a platform that promotes the circular economy

Information updated on 31/05/21

This portal serves the entire network of Occitanie stakeholders fighting against waste and reducing the ecological impact of our consumption modes. Here’s a presentation of Cycl’Op.

Cycl’Op, the showcase for initiatives promoting the circular economy in France’s Occitanie region. Officially launched in November 2020, this collaborative platform that welcomes outside contributions seeks to unite the various local players committed to reducing the ecological impact of our consumption and production modes.
With Cycl’Op, people can share, exchange, and promote their initiatives to limit waste and waste production. The platform also encourages companies to pursue better purchasing practices and create more sustainable products. A bottom-up approach. The circular economy is truly central to the fundamental change demanded by a growing number of citizens.

This societal expectation explains people’s enthusiasm for Cycl’Op.

Created as an initiative by ADEME, the Occitanie Region, ORDECO, the Regional Observatory on Waste and the Circular Economy in Occitanie, CIRIDD, and INEC, the platform continues to gain momentum. In mid-April 2021, less than five months after its launch, Cycl’Op already had more than 860 members.
This includes many companies, associations, and local authorities, including Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, for which the ecological and solidarity-oriented transition plays an important role in strategic decisions. As such, Montpellier Métropole pays close attention to circular economy projects emerging in the territory. At the Métropole Council Meeting on March 29, 2021, in addition to measures to reinforce the “Glass” plan to promote reuse and recycling, it was decided to grant a 40,000 € subsidy to the Oc'Consigne association project, national ADEME winner, as well as Citeo, whose ingenious bottle consignment system (beer, wine, etc.) is entering its operational phase in the eastern part of the Occitanie region.
Montpellier Métropole is known as a place for anti-waste initiatives. There are many examples, such as Transfarmers, an innovative project for composting flower pots; Drive de l’Artisan; PimpUp, baskets of odd-sized fresh fruit and vegetables sold in a farmer-to-consumer model; LoopEat (consigned food containers); and the Compostons association, specialized in local and citizenship-oriented recycling of food waste and promotion of green spaces.

By providing a sounding board for these many active and innovative stakeholders, the collaborative platform has created momentum that shows no signs of wavering. Cycl’Op, definitely a step in the right direction.

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