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Eating well with BoCal, a collaborative platform for all!

Information updated on 24/07/19

With support from Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Grand Pic Saint-Loup, and Pays de l’Or, the BoCal web platform promotes “good and local” foods with local players in agroecology and eating well. You can contribute... or enjoy!

Bien manger avec BoCal, une plateforme collaborative faite pour vous !
Discover permaculture gardening, dive into the friendly atmosphere of a local market, taste wine in the vineyard, talk with experts in agroecology and sustainable food... all that and more, with the BoCal program, a collaboration-oriented web platform that promotes “good and local” foods. In French, BoCal means “bon” (good) and “local”.  Every month, the site’s shared agenda announces events, gatherings, workshops, outings, and more. Examples include the 12th European Conference on Precision Agriculture (whose goal is to limit the use of fertilizer in farm fields) on July 8-11, as well as hikes and walks during the summer to introduce people to this stimulating ecosystem thriving between coastal areas and back-country scrublands.

Nothing could be easier than registering on the platform – for free – to announce initiatives and contribute to the site’s content. Companies, associations, and institutions are all invited to participate, along with everyone else organizing events on these topics. The only requirement is that they be present in the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, Grand Pic Saint-Loup, or Pays de l’Or territories, and agree to respect the Charter for Agroecology Transition and Sustainable Food Production coproduced by the partner public authorities and members of civilian society.

Promoting local channels

BoCal is the result of an ambitious initiative launched by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole with two neighboring public authorities to take action for promoting agroecology and a food production system that respects the environment. The first collective steps to launch the BoCal platform and elaborate the Charter began in 2015.

The initiative addresses major issues, in particular promoting farming practices that preserve ecosystems, biodiversity, and water resources while also paying farmers more fairly; and inciting consumer-stakeholders to turn towards local production and choose nearby channels to eat better seasonal products, which also helps reduce waste. The BoCal platform also features a geolocated map with points-of-sale for local production participating in this approach, as well as recipes and much more. Everything you need to head down the “good and local” path!

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