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Jump’Invest helps young startups leap forward

Information updated on 26/09/23

The Jump’Invest program was created by Montpellier BIC in 2012 to help high-potential young companies obtain funding, notably by mobilizing private and crowd-funding investment. Here’s a look at this action that simplifies startup acceleration.

“Jump'Invest is an opportunity for our company to grow faster.”

Robin Alauze says it clearly. CEO and founder of LineUp Ocean, one of the rising stars assisted by Montpellier BIC, he participated in the latest session of this semi-annual program that brings together private investors and young companies with strong potential to grow and create jobs.
On July 3, eleven startups had been chosen to present their development plans. In addition to LineUp Ocean, the other companies present were Activ'up, Beathealth, Droit Quotidien, LegalTech, EyeMatch, Flavi, Kanopymed, Kyli, My Digital Spirit, PimpUp, and Rosella Biosystem.
Assisted by Montpellier BIC, the companies were all working towards their first round of fundraising. Jump’Invest was designed to address their very specific needs, seeking to cover funding amounts ranging from 200,000 € to 700,000 €.
That’s what makes this program interesting, putting young companies in contact with business angel networks such as Melies and Grand Delta Angels, and Wiseed, as well as Montpellier BIC alumni. “It was my first pitch to investors. In addition to the business angels, there were also investment funds who came to identify companies likely to interest them,” highlights Robin Alauze, whose internationally-focused company is one of the eight winners of the Avenir Littoral 2022 call for projects, and was awarded the Grand Prize in the Initiative Startup 2023 Awards, created by the Montpellier Méditerranée Rotary Club in collaboration with Montpellier BIC.
While Jump’Invest is a special occasion for startups to meet investors, it is also a great opportunity for them to benefit from the experience of entrepreneurs who have succeeded. Many of them have also become investors. Consider the example of Christophe Carniel. Co-founder of Vogo, he has been involved with the program since 2012.

“Jump’Invest lets young company directors face real life. They need to adapt their presentation to the event's format and they must be convincing in a very short amount of time,” he adds.

The program forces them to refine their business plan and strategic positioning. The best part is that they benefit from a team of experts for advice and feedback based on their own experience, “and even their network,” says Christophe Carniel.  
In short, there are only benefits. Especially when you consider that Jump’Invest also prepares entrepreneurs for the Montpellier Capital Risque capital investment event, which is stepping up its format this year on October 10, 2023 with the addition of ONE HEALTH INVEST BY MONTPELLIER CAPITAL RISQUE!

The next Jump’Invest session will begin soon thereafter, in November. So, get ready to hit the starting blocks!