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LoopEat is targeting zero-waste for take-outs and delivered meals

Information updated on 18/11/19

Founded in August 2019 in Montpellier, LoopEat is committed to the fight against wasting resources. The company launched a crowdfunding campaign with Les Coursiers Montpelliérains to develop meal delivery with reusable containers.

Adeline Lefebvre et Clémence Hugot ont fondé LoopEat en août 2019.

Adeline Lefebvre and Clémence Hugot founded LoopEat in August 2019

No more cardboard and plastic wrapping filling up garbage cans after a delicious take-out or delivered meal... LoopEat is a new Montpellier company focused on zero-waste, providing restaurants with reusable glass and plastic boxes with a simple consignment system. Tested in the spring of 2019, the idea has already convinced several restaurants in downtown Montpellier. It also attracted Les Coursiers Montpelliérains, a local ecologically oriented cooperative for home and business meal delivery service. The two partners launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank, open until November 15, to fund a common project: develop meal delivery service with reusable containers.

LoopEat was originally created by two engineers, Adline Lefebvre and Clémence Hugot, who became partners to create the decidedly green company. It all started when they met in the Montpellier Zero Waste association in early 2019, at a time when both young women were refocusing their careers and wanted to get involved in the fight against wasting resources and promote the circular economy.

Regional Pépite LR 2019 competition

I discovered reusable containers by the Swiss association Recircle at the Zero Waste festival,” explains Adeline Lefebvre. “I came up with the idea to offer them to Montpellier restaurants using a consignment system.” 

A student-entrepreneur at Pépite in Montpellier, an association that promotes entrepreneurship among students, she laid the cornerstones of her project, which has been assisted by the Alter’Incub incubator since the spring of 2019. The project then won the regional Pépite competition in September.

The founding partners developed an application to manage consignments. They have also created a training program to raise employees’ awareness regarding the zero-waste concept and help provide them with the means to implement it. Training winds up with a LoopEat style meal, provided by a local restaurant and delivered by Les Coursiers Montpelliérains in reusable containers. It’s their way of reconciling hospitality and preservation of the planet.
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