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The MedVallée roadmap respected to the letter

Information updated on 29/06/23

Just ten months after its official launch, the MedVallée excellence hub in global health has already started working on 19 of its 30 assigned actions. Ten of those have already been completed. The joint effort is underway.

Motivated stakeholders! Less than ten months after its official launch, the MedVallée excellence hub created by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole has already started working on 19 of the 30 priority actions that were assigned for 2022-2026. Ten of those have been completed. On March 21, the first progress report meeting, held at the Montpellier Métropole building with all the stakeholders involved in the joint MedVallée project, shows that the collaboration-oriented momentum generated by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole is producing results.
To set up this hub, Montpellier Métropole chose a strategy of unifying and decompartmentalizing, notably by setting up La FabriK, an innovative tool that brings together no fewer than 250 key stakeholders in the local innovation ecosystem – companies, researchers, teachers, universities, institutions, research establishments, and economic partners – through working groups and an operational committee. La FabriK was set up in close partnership with the State and Occitanie Region, both co-founders of the initiative.

“In a context marked by increasing territorial competition, MedVallée is a great opportunity for us to distinguish our region from international competition,” said Hind Emad, Montpellier Métropole vice-president in charge of economic and digital development.


The creation of a MedVallée label, including guidelines for projects to be eligible for the label, is one of the first actions that was completed. With the selection criteria now in place, the first projects have been accredited.
Another example is the elaboration of the charter that defines MedVallée’s five core values as a hub that promotes sustainable development, is committed to jobs and inclusion, and is rooted in the area. Based on the pursuit of excellence, MedVallée is also built on shared vision.
Coordinated by Aqua Valley, Derbi, Eurobiomed, and Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, regular events involving players from the four ecosystems have been set up to stimulate the emergence of cross-sector collaborations, such as the afterwork event organized on April 20 (see agenda below).  
Regarding governance, the creation of a Strategic Orientation Council (SOC) was approved by the three founders following a proposal from La FabriK. The SOC inaugural meeting was held on March 21. Comprising 17 members, the Council serves as a college of higher education and research and a college of businesses from each of the three sectors. Three national-level members sit on the committee for their internationally recognized expertise. “14 of the 17 members were present at this first Strategic Orientation Council meeting,” says Josick Paoli, MedVallée strategic director.

MedVallée-Montpellier outreach

An ambassador network was established to help provide maximum exposure for MedVallée-Montpellier. This includes Montpellier’s international rugby star François Trinh-Duc, joining Célia Belline, Véronique Bellon Maurel, Stéphanie Gottlib, Aline Bsaibes, Patrick Caron, Vincent Costalat, Franck Molina, Gaëlle Skrela, Bruno Strigini, and Marc Ychou. At the same time, MedVallée brand guidelines and a logo were created to enhance their efforts and highlight success, notably with dedicated media campaigns on the MedVallée website, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

The outreach strategy is paying off. As an example, 350 international experts in the fields of climate, biodiversity, and food will meet in October at the Corum in Montpellier to present their contributions during the three-day NEXTUX event. Josick Paoli adds: “11 international events related to global health will take place here this year and show that MedVallée is delivering on its promise.” 

Furthermore, innovation is not possible without information protection. Accordingly, this is the aim of MedVallée’s ongoing initiative to promote a culture of economic security among our stakeholders. An expert group was formed, and a toolkit covering good security practices was created. The first training session was held on April 17. 
The implementation of a Local Public Establishment for International Education was announced at the MedVallée meeting on June 27, 2022. This new school will accommodate 600 students, including 200 at the primary level and 400 at the secondary level. Three sites are being considered for phased opening at the start of the 2024 academic year.

Another example of MedVallée’s commitment to training and jobs was its presence at the TAF job fair held in Montpellier on March 15 and 16. “Many people stopped by to visit the MedVallée space,” says Frédéric Puyo, delegate territorial director for the Pôle Emploi employment department in the Hérault area. "We received nearly 100 resumes, which we shared with MedVallée stakeholders.” Biotope and Microphyt were among the companies present at the pavilion.

Commercial real estate,  another strategic topic

Many companies require very specific types of facilities. This topic was assigned to the Montpellier Métropole Business Establishment Department, in partnership with commercial real estate stakeholders. A tour of the Parc Industries Or Méditerranée business park in Mauguio was organized in February 2023, while projects such as CORTEX in the Euromédecine science park and CASTEL MED in  Castelnau le Lez were presented.

It’s easy to see that MedVallée dynamics extend far beyond the boundaries of the greater Montpellier area. “We’ll be there for any community in the surrounding area wishing to join us,” insists Josick Paoli, who concluded by announcing that a partnership had been established between MedVallée and Saclay. MedVallée and its “Inventing the future here” motto are taking shape solidly in Montpellier.

Two other events

The Interpôles MedVallée #3 Afterwork event was organized by competitiveness clusters Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Aqua Valley, Derbi, and Eurobiomed, an integral partner of the MedVallée initiative. The event was held on Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 PM at the Montpellier Métropole building. Topics covered at the afterwork revolved around energy – a core issue for the agriculture-agronomics sector – as well as water and health. The event was open to everyone, registration required.

In partnership with MedVallée, Eurobiomed, and AD’OCC, AFSSI is organizing the 10th edition of AFSSI Connections in Montpellier on July 4 - 5, a truly French annual marketplace for Life Science R&D. On July 5, the event will feature “BtoHealth”, the business and innovation event for the healthcare sector, with a focus on life sciences.

Registration: AFSSI Connexions