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Sim&Cure, helping prevent brain aneurysm rupture

Information updated on 26/09/23

With its Sim&Size, Sim&Treat, and Sim&Predict software solutions, the Montpellier startup wants to cover the entire patient journey by personalizing the therapeutic approach. The company is now focusing on its international expansion.

Mathieu Sanchez - Photo © Audrey Viste

Sim&Cure has made its mission to help limit the risks of brain aneurysm rupture. Founded in Montpellier in 2014, and assisted by the Montpellier BIC startup incubator in its early days, the company is now poised to cover the entire patient journey with its solutions, from detection to treatment, notably by promoting preventive solutions.
The company’s first solution, called Sim&Size, is revolutionizing the therapeutic approach. By combining artificial intelligence and digital simulation, Sim&Size uses medical images of the patient’s brain to reconstruct a 3D model of arteries and focus on the aneurysm.
This enables the doctor to simulate several intervention possibilities with different medical devices – in real-time – in order to choose the best therapeutic option. This personalized medicine solution will soon be joined by Sim&Predict, a software application designed for detection, to be released on the market by early 2024.
Sim&Cure’s ability to innovate is boosting the company’s international growth. Already present with subsidiaries in the United States and Dubai, the company wants to obtain the required certifications to market Sim&Size in Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and Brazil, and it is currently waiting for certification in China and Japan.
At this time, over 95% of the company’s sales revenue is from exports. Sim&Size has already helped treat more than 15,000 patients around the world.
Having completed two rounds of fundraising, one for 300 K€ in 2016, the other for 3 M€ in 2019, the company is finalizing a third round of funding to support its growth and R&D efforts. With 65 employees, Sim&Cure was recently ranked by Maddyness among the 50 startups worth applying to in 2023. The company also welcomes the arrival of MedVallée, Montpellier Métropole’s Global Health Excellence Hub.

“MedVallée will help the area establish a pool of expert jobs in digital health to speed up knowledge and innovation. This will make it easier for all the companies within the ecosystem to grow. MedVallée is a determining factor regarding Montpellier Métropole’s attractiveness,” concludes Mathieu Sanchez, CEO and co-founder of Sim&Cure, alongside Professor Vincent Costalat, an appointed MedVallée ambassador.