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SPECIFIC POLYMERS, 20 years supporting sustainable innovation

Information updated on 26/09/23

The SPECIFIC POLYMERS research center, celebrating its 20th anniversary on June 8 at Domaine Décalage in Saint Aunès, is taking a decisive step forward by applying its unique expertise to new energies, the environment, and health. Back to the future.

Photo © A.Viste

SPECIFIC POLYMERS is a company where the future is taking shape. Located in Castries, just east of Montpellier, the research center designs new materials based on high performance polymers. The company was assisted in its startup phase by Montpellier BIC. The company's expertise is such that it now has over 500 customers in 50 countries, including its two major customers: Airbus and Michelin.
Not only that, but its business has accelerated sharply over the last four years, driven by growing demand for new materials that are more technical, sustainable, eco-designed, and/or biodegradable – a sector where its expertise is recognized internationally. As a result, its workforce has grown from 15 to 30 people between 2018 and this year, and it is preparing to begin construction of a new building.

“This investment will allow us to expand our research facility, and we will hire 20 additional people to support our growth,” explains Cédric Loubat, founder and CEO. SPECIFIC POLYMERS was founded in 2003 at ENSCM, the Montpellier National Higher School of Chemistry.  

The company celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 8 at Domaine Décalage in Saint Aunès with its head in the stars. Among those present were Hind Emad (Montpellier Métropole Vice-President in charge of Economic Development and Digital Technologies) and Isabelle Prévot (Director of Montpellier BIC).
As both a deeptech and a greentech company, SPECIFIC POLYMERS is focusing on a number of high-profile areas. Deeptech with its focus on energy, concentrating on polymers that can be used to manufacture electric batteries that are safer, lighter and, above all, which will give tomorrow’s electric vehicles greater range; greentech with its focus on the environment, in particular eco-design for plastics and composite parts, as well as recycling and end-of-life management.
Alongside these two topics, which are moving forward in collaboration with industry, European, or national funding, two equally important areas are also being explored: high-performance materials and health.

“The health sector is part of our future strategy for SPECIFIC POLYMERS, including solutions related to drug vectoring and artificial hearts, which will enable the company to meet many of the demands in the field convinced by SPECIFIC POLYMERS' expertise. This will position us as a key player in the MedVallée initiative,” explains Cédric Loubat. The CEO admits that he is “very grateful to Montpellier BIC,” whose assistance and training guided his company’s growth. “Without Montpellier BIC,” he says, “SPECIFIC POLYMERS would simply not exist today.” He also revealed his company’s plans for 2030: the creation of a “4.0 factory” whose activities span the entire value chain from design to production.

Montpellier Métropole will be there too.

“SPECIFIC POLYMERS ticks all the boxes when it comes to sovereignty and reindustrialization. We will stand by your side as you set up your future plant,” announced Hind Emad when she spoke on June 8. The industry of the future is a reality in Montpellier.