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Syrius Solar Industry ready to win over France with its solar water heaters

Information updated on 29/12/22

Focused on overseas markets since it was founded in 2013, the Lavérune based SME now wants to win over France with its solar water heaters. The fast-growing company also plans to open a subsidiary in Morocco in late 2019.

Thierry Demaret - SYRIUS SOLAR@DR

Thierry Demaret - SYRIUS SOLAR@DR

We have increased our sales revenue more than five-fold since 2016. We will reach €8 million in 2019, with a total of €13 million in consolidated revenue including subsidiaries,” confirms Thierry Demaret, CEO of solar water heater manufacturer Syrius Solar Industry, a very discrete industry gem for renewable energy.

The company has been based in Lavérune just west of Montpellier since it was founded in 2013, mainly targeting individuals. It also provides solutions for collective housing and industrial sites. One of the company’s original aspects is that it conducts 98% of its business overseas, with subsidiaries in Reunion Island and New Caledonia, and in Guadeloupe as well, since August 2019.

We are now seeking to develop our activity in continental France,” announces Thierry Demaret. “The demand is there.” The company will also cross the Mediterranean Sea and set up a new subsidiary in Casablanca, Morocco. “The market is good. We received a warm welcome at trade fairs in 2019.” The company’s staff is expected to grow from 46 employees (23 of whom are based in Lavérune) to 50 employees by the end of 2019.

Expansion in late September

The industrial company not only controls assembly, but also some of the production of parts used in its solar water heater product line. 

“When we started, everything was made outside the company. Today, 50% of our value added is integrated,” points out Thierry Demaret. “We have a sheet metal workshop with punching and folding machines, and more. We also insulate our own water tanks. We will continue to integrate additional steps as we move forward.”

The manufacturing center is based in Lavérune, with the Reunion Island and New Caledonia sites assembling products locally.

To support its growth, Syrius Solar Industry recently built a custom 1,200 m² facility in the Descartes Business Park in Lavérune. The new site was inaugurated in late September. “Serm assisted us with the construction project, which we have been working on since 2017,” explains the company director. “We needed an adapted building with a loading dock. Given that our growth is even faster than planned, it’s already too small! I’m keeping an eye out for possibilities to expand in the area.”

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