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Sys2Diag diagnoses psychiatric illnesses

Information updated on 13/09/22

Alcediag and CNRS join forces to create Sys2Diag Specialized in medical diagnostics and psychiatric illnesses, the laboratory recently created a blood test to diagnose depression and suicidal behavior.

Dinah Weissmann, directrice adjointe de Sys2diag et directrice générale déléguée d’Alcediag

Dinah Weissmann, Deputy Director of Sys2diag and Delegate General Manager of Alcediag

Leveraging its expertise in personalized medicine for mental health, Alcediag develops biomarkers to diagnose and monitor patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. This subsidiary of the Alcen group, a developer of innovative technologies in the defense, health, and medical fields, joined forces with CNRS to create the Sys2Diag joint research laboratory.

“We worked together to develop a blood test to detect depression from biomarkers that measure RNA (ribonucleic acid) editing,” summarizes Dinah Weissmann, deputy Director of Sys2diag and Delegate General Manager of Alcediag

Field applications

Technology developed by the laboratory determines RNA mutations that occur in the presence of some psychiatric illnesses.
“The RNA editing changes, called epigenetic modifications, can be related to the environment, some types of treatments, and illnesses,” says the director.
These biomarkers can be used to observe the progression of a particular illness and monitor the effects of treatment over time.

“That makes it possible to see whether a patient responds to prescribed molecules and if his/her condition improves,”  she adds. Currently, the only way to evaluate psychiatric patients is to use clinical methods such as questionnaires.”

Working together with CNRS, the leading public-sector scientific research institute in France, is expected to help discoveries lead more quickly to widespread usage, notably in the psychiatry field as well as for other multi-factor diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

“Our work is particularly interesting for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, and doctors,” says Dinah Weissmann. Sys2Diag is located at Biopôle Euromédecine, a Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole business center dedicated to medical and life science research. “Montpellier Métropole helped us set up in this excellence cluster, close to the psychiatric center at the Montpellier CHU, with which we have been collaborating closely for several years.”

The company continues to grow and is preparing to establish new partnerships with other players in the sector.
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