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Winners of the 2018 Innov’Agro Challenge

Information updated on 19/12/18

Students invent new services for farming based on digital tools. The final of this 5th edition took place at the French Tech Building in Montpellier.

Palmarès 2018 du challenge Innov'Agro

Winning teams: Spirulink project (top) - MyEcoSphère project (bottom)

Fifty students from five participating higher education and research institutions tried to convince a panel of professionals that their projects were relevant and feasible.

The AgroTIC chair awarded the €3,000 prize for best project to Spirulink, a project that offers tools for instrumentation and monitoring of spirulina production basins. Recognized by the United Nations as the “best food of the future,” Spirulina is very rich in proteins and mineral elements. It can be an excellent food supplement and is also seen by many organizations as a way to fight malnutrition. Spirulina is present on a relatively small-scale in France, which is mainly an importer. The Spirulink project convinced panel members by proposing inexpensive sensors and a mobile application that would secure production and improve output by up to 40%.

The MyEcoSphere project was awarded the €1,000 Social Utility Award for their idea for a mobile application to promote citizens' involvement in environmental issues. 
The Innov'agro challenge project is driven and funded by the AgroTIC Chair, whose main objective is to promote the dissemination of digital technologies for agriculture by creating close ties between training, research, and companies.
The Chair has the following functions: 
  • Disseminating and exchanging knowledge relating to digital agriculture (organizing seminars and conferences, creating an observatory to track uses of digital agriculture, identifying the training needs of agricultural professionals...)
  • Exploring the potential offered by emerging technologies (studying technological opportunities, organizing student challenges...)
  • Identifying skills for partnerships to be developed with laboratories, other companies, and new staff members (a snapshot of European research laboratories, entrepreneurship grant...)
The theme of the Innov'Agro 2018 Challenge was: Can the smartphone be an inexpensive measurement tool for agroecology?

Key figures from the Innov’Agro Challenge:

  • 5 educational and research institutions involved
  • 50 students participating
  • 24 corporate sponsors, ranging from start-ups to large groups, suppliers or users of digital technologies, who support the Chair through their donations and participate in its governance
  • €4,000 in prizes awarded to students
The Innov'Agro Challenge is also supported by the Occitanie regional authorities, who welcome students during the Challenge week at the Réalis cluster, dedicated to the social and solidarity economy. Support is also provided by Montpellier Métropole, which hosted the final in its French Tech space.
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