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The Bulane flame convinces investors

Information updated on 20/06/18
Bulane has created a type of flame from water and hydrogen, simplifying work for industrialists and offering a more ecological solution than gas. The company recently raised €2.7 million, which will enable it to step up its development in three key areas.
Bulane and its partners have developed an industrial flame based on hydrogen (produced by electrolysis). The flame’s appeal is clear: this solution makes it possible to produce a zero-carbon combustible gas on-site and without storage. It took the company several years of research to fully master this technology and design high performance and compact electrolysers.
Today, the company makes its equipment entirely in Montpellier, and counts some thirty industrial clients. Bulane recently succeeded in raising €2.7 million in capital, which will now enable the company to enter a new phase of its development.
“These funds will enable us to launch three strategic actions,” explains Nicolas Jerez. In particular, it will enable us to pursue our international development, company organization, and research and development efforts.”
“We were hosted by incubators, notably the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Business and Innovation Centre (BIC),” continues the founder. “There, we benefited from precious guidance and training, which was as relevant as it was effective. Even today, our capital injection became reality thanks to this environment: we participated in the Montpellier Venture Capital event, which enabled us to establish strategic contacts with investors. Superbly organized by the Montpellier BIC team and BPI France, it was the right operation at the right time, and proved to be highly effective by enabling us to meet the right people.”
The company now plans to expand into international markets: “Our clients are industrialists, which are even more numerous in Germany and Italy. We are therefore hiring sales staff in those countries.”
Bulane also intends to take advantage of this opportunity to work on its own organization: “We are going to hire new people in the research group, and we are going to relocate to new office space in the Fabrègues Ecoparc.”
And of course, the company will continue its research activities: “We have innovative ideas for products that are lighter than our current line. By boosting research and development, we can expect to commercialize these new products within 24 months.”
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