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Euro-Africa Montpellier WATER DAYS

09 10/23
Information updated on 09/10/23

Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, MedVallée, and the ICIREWARD UNESCO Water Centre invite you to the first edition of the Euro-Africa Montpellier Water Days on October 9 and 10, 2023.

Montpellier s’affirme comme un pôle international de l’eau

Water is a major part of the MedVallée strategy, as the water that connects us is at the heart of the health, environmental, and agricultural issues that form the strategy’s foundation, in keeping with the established “Care, Protect, Feed” approach. The issues at the heart of this two-day event are dwindling rainfall, strain on resources, and lack of infrastructure. The goal is to create the optimal conditions for discussion between the state, private entities, scientists, and people working in the field, with a focus on finding solutions to the human, geopolitical, and economic problems posed by water scarcity in a context of global warming, growing urban populations, and supply inequalities.

Two days for the involved stakeholders to share ideas and find solutions.

Sessions on October 9 and 10 will focus on the following topics:
  • Climate change and water risk
  • Urban development in Mediterranean and African megacities
  • Access to water
  • Water treatment and health
  • Urban and suburban agriculture
  • Governance
  • Water and gender
  • A review of the United Nations Water Conference (March 2023)
Based on the subject, round tables and workshops will bring together:
  • Scientists: 40 Mediterranean, African, and European scientists are expected to attend
  • Private sector companies from the Mediterranean area, Europe, and Africa: 30 company representatives are expected to attend
  • Institutions and decision-makers: 40 representatives of local, regional, national, Mediterranean, African, and European governments are invited to take part in the various round tables
  • International organizations: 40 representatives from various international organizations and associations are invited to participate
  • UNESCO representatives and Chairs: 20 people have been invited to participate in the round tables
  • Discussion sessions backed by the MedVallée label
The Montpellier Water Days event is part of the Euro-Africa Montpellier Biennial comprising a number of events from October 9 to 15, 2023.

The event will also be associated with other highlights taking place over the same period:

› City Diplomacy Lab: territorial water governance
› Campus of Young African Entrepreneurs
› Futurapolis
› One Health Invest by Montpellier Capital Risk
› Women for Future
› “Monde Nouveau” new world forum