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Google Digital Workshop Montpellier

From 30 09/20
From 30 September 2020
to 31 December 2020
Information updated on 23/11/20

Google Digital Workshop is back for the Fall season. We are pleased to share news with you about the program.

Atelier Numérique de Google à Montpellier
The Montpellier Workshop opened to the public on September 1, offering new conditions to respect essential health standards, including exclusive access to training programs via pre-registration.

Given the success of Live events on our Google Digital Workshops channel on YouTube, we created a flexible new program comprising both live streams on YouTube and in-person training at the Workshop facility. Individual meetings with our Google Coaches continued through September via videoconferencing (reservations by calling Helena: 07 50 56 56 89).

Time for Digital Workshop minivans

To support of training programs and stay as close as possible to our trainees and partners, we deployed four minivans – decorated with the program’s colors – to hit the road in France.

They give Google coaches more flexibility to get around and provide free training more regularly, open to everyone.

Starting October 5, the minivans began their tour around the Occitanie region in collaboration with the Occitanie Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The schedule includes a series of 15 dates, with the goal of providing training for nearly 1,000 companies in the region.

October: cybersecurity month

October is dedicated to raising awareness regarding cybersecurity issues and helping people adopt the right reflexes. In partnership with and FEVAD, Google Digital Workshops is launching a new training program to raise awareness in VSEs and SMEs regarding good cybersecurity practices in order to help them acquire the skills they need and to manage tools for protecting their employees, customers, and companies.

Training classes are provided starting October 1 at the Digital Workshops in several regions around France, as well as via the online platform. The program includes the next livestreams made in Occitanie: Panja is hosting an event on our YouTube channel on October 27 at 4:00 PM on the topic of “Lean Startups”; Pradeo will talk about “Cyberthreats on mobile devices” on October 29 at 2:00 PM.

Webinar with Coodio on collaborative tools

The program also includes an event for players in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector: a webinar led by Coodio, the Montpellier-based audio, radio, and voice cluster. “How to work effectively with collaborative tools in the audio-radio-voice sector”, on October 19 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

Helping businesses stimulate economic recovery

During September, we offered a series of training courses and appointments in France called “Let’s boost business together”, working hand-in-hand with 7,500 merchants across Europe.

Merchants can notably boost their business activity using Google tools, studies, and training opportunities that enable them to adapt more quickly to today’s new context. Starting in mid-October, we made it free for all merchants to display their product information on the Google search engine’s Shopping tab.

With Christmas shopping right around the corner, buyers can discover more products offered by a large number of merchants. To help trusted companies reach their local customers, we announced the launch of Local Services ads in 10 countries, including France. The goal is to help businesses stimulate economic recovery More information on Think with Google.

“Taking action for a better world”

Let’s work together to fight climate change and support territorial initiatives, project leaders, and innovation with the Google Impact Challenge 2020 event, launched starting September 14.

The goal is to support innovative ideas that use technology to accelerate transition towards a sustainable future in Europe. A total budget of 10 million euros will be distributed to selected projects.

All French project leaders are therefore invited to submit their candidacy! The deadline is November 6, 2020.
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