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Sonorama, an experimental evening for audio professions

10 03/22
Information updated on 24/01/22

Head over to Montpellier’s Tropisme Hall to meet with sound professionals and discover the many aspects of careers in the audio world.

In a world saturated by images, sound is reclaiming its rightful position: podcasts are on the rise, voice is skyrocketing, associative radios are re-emerging... What professions are behind all that content that is making its way to our ears?

Spend the evening at Montpellier’s Tropisme Hall to talk with sound professionals and discover all the facets of audio professions.


6:30 to 8:00 PM: Round table discussion about the role of sound in cultural and creative industries
8:00 to 10:00 PM: Workshops and discovery
  • Mixing and voice-over work
  • Collective music workshop
  • Sound tour to discover the sounds of the city
  • Listen to a podcast to discover works by artists in the Tropisme Workshops
  • Listen to a podcast on hip-hop
  • Selection and sales of LPs by Vinyl Truck
9:00 PM to midnight: DJ set
Evening co-organized by Tropisme and Coodio.


Founded in 2019 in Montpellier, Coodio is a cooperative for audio professions. Uniting over 100 member companies in France and abroad, Coodio is an association designed as a “do-tank” to leverage shared tools, practices, technology, and uses related to radio, podcast, audiovisual production, and audio book professions. Coodio is moving to the workshop space at the Tropisme facility in January 2022.
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