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Geoffrey Dellus: from the race car circuit to pole position in the logistics sector

Information updated on 20/06/18
Director of Philéa Solutions in Baillargues, in the Montpellier Métropole area, and Stop & Go in Toulouse, Geoffrey Dellus is fueled by challenges.  In 1998, the entrepreneur was a race car driver when he won the “Volant Elf” competition, a title that drove him into the world of automobile racing for a decade.
Geoffrey Dellus transitioned successfully to the business world after winning three French Championship titles in prototype sports, the last of which was in 2008. The champion created his first company in 2002, specializing in automobile sports events.
Geoffrey Dellus presented and produced a TV show called “Grand Tourisme”, shown on TV Sud. Little by little he developed a service offering ranging from TV commercials to filming events in the automobile world: “We created Stop & Go in 2004. I then realized that there was a need for specialized outside broadcasting vehicles for major programs. We built specifically adapted models in 2011 and began offering custom services covering everything from producing commercials and capturing live events to deploying fiber optics, such as we did for the FISE competition.”
With the help of his associate Stéphane Galibert in 2011, Geoffrey continued his momentum by acquiring Philéa Solutions based in Baillargues, a logistics company with 45 employees. “We shared the same concept of handling the entire service, from A to Z. Starting from traditional shipping of goods and equipment from aeronautics and health to office furnishings, we can receive unassembled kits, assemble them on-site for companies, and carry away old items. We adapt our service to meet our clients’ needs. Our location in Baillargues is ideal, as we often work within the Montpellier ecosystem. Here, we also benefit not only from an excellent quality of life, but also from easy access that matches our business activity.”
In 2015, Philéa expanded with a new division dedicated to e-commerce. Leveraging a single interface, the company manages product reception logistics for pure players, with services that include kitting and shipping. Philéa’s sales revenue from its e-commerce business doubled in less than one year, and the company now employs 95 people. Philéa, which already possesses 40,000 sq. meters of warehouses in Cambrai, Nantes, Montpellier, and Toulouse, has tripled its sales revenue over the past four years. The company is going to double its operating space in Nantes, and open a new site in Lyon by the end of the year.
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